Maas Situation

So Esks won't let him go won't trade him cause we need a capable backup, but then he gets absolitely no reps! Heaven forbid if RR goes down, we've got a supposedly capable qb that hasn't thrown in a game situation in almost a year. does this make sense?

…nope…JM must be getting some reps in practice though…but he should’ve been taking some snaps in blowout games nonetheless…I think the guy has gotten a raw deal this year, hope to see him in Ticat colours next season…

As much as i hate to lose the guy, being a good leader and lots of talent, i think its best for him if he gets to start on a team next year, rather than riding the bench.

I agree he has proven to be one class player. Deserves to be a starter.

Just a question for you eskimo fans. I don't want a argument, but what has Ricky Ray done for you in the last few games. I think they said in the Rider game today that he hadn't thrown a touchdown in 10 quarters, and that was in the second, and he didn't score any tonight. Is this how you want to go into the playoffs. Both the Rider game, and the Argo game last week weren't blow out games, and could easily been lost. Maybe its time for a change?

yes bigj that is what I was pretty much asking. Now i think it's almost too late to stick Maas in cold should we continue our end zone pass drought. If he is going to Hamilton, we still wanted him for the rest of the year in case we need him, but we never gave him any game time, so now should Ray hit the wall, its like why did we keep him anyway? we should have given Mass some time games ago. In Hamilton, maybe? dont know what their thinking.

Ray may not have thrown many TD passes as of late, but he’s doing a great job of moving the ball down the field through the air. Alot of these drives end up inside the ten, where he ends up scrambling for a TD, or giving it to a running back. I do agree with you though bigj that they should give Mass a chance at least for a series or two.

If the team is doing what they need to win, they don't need to do any more.

Would it really have been better for the Esks if Ray threw for five touchdowns against the Argos or Saskatchewan?

Not really - they would still be exactly where they are in the standings.

good point eskjebus!

What I am saying is that in the playoffs, either one of those games could have gone either way. I am a Rider fan, so do I care, not a chance. You lose those games, your out. Just remeber what happend in Regina with the blocked kick, Ray was throwing touchdowns that game, but the blocked kick was all it took to lose the game.

E-Jeb I also dont care how we with you on that. All I was sayin is that throwing Maas in cold if RR gets injured may not be the best plan.

How true...

Maas hasn't had any live playing time this year, and he better perform if Ray gets hurt or I think some coaches will be reamed out.

I just want to know what is going to happen when it gets colder and the snow starts flying what RR is going ot do? JM does better in extreme weather than RR does. SO when it does start to get nasty out and RR starts to pull off his game, are they going to try and throw in JM?

I hope your coach gets reamed out. My opinion is that the eskimos are the most underachieving team with all of the talent, and big name player on the team. Macocia is not a good coach, and you would have been better off with Marshall. You guys should have the best record in the league right now.