Maas should stay

Why every time Hamilton gets a big name player, he is expected to turn the franchise around completely. I will admit that Maas has had a rough season but there are a couple of things to consider.

  1. The o-line is not consistently giving him time to find a receiver
  2. when they do, there are no receivers finishing their routes or trying to get open
  3. receivers are not always running the proper routes. As was shown on that terrible interception last night when Peterson did not run the correct route
  4. The coaches finally put in the proper running back in Holmes. Ranek was not helping the running game and could not supply Maas with any time.
  5. Our defensive secondary is so bad they make every other quaterback in the league look like they are hall of fame material.

What is going to happen if Lumsden comes back? Hamilton is going to expect an undefeated season like they did with Maas and both of them will be outta here the first chance they get. Like Calvillo, we all remember him.

Maas will be good, Maas is good, just give him a team to play with.

Your point is a valid.

With such a bad offense it really isn't fair to single out one player. (Now that Yeast is gone :wink: )

Good points , every one in fact. Problem is that Maas cannot throw the ball and makes poor decisions. He should be let go

you're right. if we had a team to play with, maas wouldn't be such a pain in the ass. then again, we don't have a team to play with, and ditching a Qb is a lot easier than making a team.

but a team is what we need.

Sure Maas should stay. He's proven himself in this league to be a competent QB. However, Darren Flutie said he saw him icing down in the dressing room BEFORE the game---something he's never seen done before. If Maas is that banged up, he shouldn't be playing because obviously he can't get it done. Not an offensive TD in 4 complete games!!! Let him heal up so he can come back and throw the ball with some authority. Eakin looks to be a pretty sad backup so I'd give Williams a shot. What's there to lose? They're getting blown out anyway.

Also, the offensive problems aren't all Maas's fault. The O-line up til last night has been poor and the receivers for the most part have put up the white flag. Maas has not gotten a lot of help from the other 11 guys.

An Argo fan

We have to keep Maas. Let's try to learn from our mistakes.

We had Calvillo and ran him out of town.
We had Allen and drove him out of town.
We had Dunigan and lost him because we had such a pathetic O-line.
Now we have a QB that has proven himself in Edmonton and we want to run him out of town.
Before we do that lets bring someone in who beats him out of a job. It does not happen that often. But we should not get rid of the guy until we have something better.
With a new OC and coach this guy could be a hero again.

If maas is injured, he should stay, but should not play.

If maas has run into some kinda phsycological problem, then he should be given a chance to work it out.

But if Maas does claims to have the same focus and same fitness as always, then he should be run out of town.

I would say that the other QBs in town should be given equal chance to play for next yr, alternately starting, and in the process, they might even win a game or two. Mass, should play back up every game til he convinces the coaches in Practice that he is his old self again.

But how much of what seems to be poor decision making is actually a bad offense that EVERYONE seems to have trouble grasping?

I don't know the answer to that one. At least until we see Maas and teammates play under another system.

why put the other qb in town in? Maas is more proven in this league than Eakin. I agree if Maas is hurt the coaches should let him heal and then bring him in.

Maas so far this year has already been injured at the beginning of the season (which is no secret). He has seen the coach that he spent 6 months gelling with and getting to know get fired, he has seen the OC and OL coaches go, but has always said that the only thing he is focused on is winning. Good for him.

With a team that is in shambles on the personnel side of things, the only thing this guy wants to do is win. He wants to show the city that an attempt is being made to bring this team back from the dead.

As far as I am concerned this season ended 4 games in when they fired Marshall and named Lancaster INTERIM coach. Right there they told us to wait for next year, but Maas still wants to win.

You still haven't addressed the fact tht Maas cannot throw. Everything ele doesn't matter, thats reason enough IMO but frankly I don't see that Maas has demonstrated anything warrenting another chance

hamilton should of realized they were grabbing a great second string QB.
He would come in and finish what Ricky Ray screwed up. but it was relief and when you go in for relief your not thinking about the game in your mind. You just go out and do it.

This year it is too over whelming for the young jedi. We gave him the number one status way too early. he is all worked up before the game even starts and over thinks out on the field. which causes panic and stress

He might be a good QB in the future but he needs guidance from an established QB to teach him the ropes, to calm down.

Even though he is getting blown out of the water he is learning really fast the hard way.

you don’t have to worry about getting worse, he has accomplished that. He can only go up because there is no one else right now to help him.

Give it up man Maas didn't get 5000 yards in one season off the bench. He's done this gig before

our offence if it didnt shoot itself in the foot did very well . Running game looked great and the passes were mostly to moving recievers at the correct yardage for first downs ect ...

It was just the giveaways in the scoring zone that killed us . They certainly have to work on that but if they cut them out we score a ton of ponts last night . Abig improvement I feel . With Hill coming on board next game we`ll only get better .

Im very dispointed in Brock Ralph and I dont think his heart is in it to play here . Why did he start over Morreale ? He goes offside way to often and I feel hes not fighting hard enough for the ball like Peterson did .

after seeing Maas in Practice Last Week..
I saw Huge Change in him..
He was talking to Guys Being a Leader..

I am inpressed by this..

This is why Practice should be open
it changes people minds and Opens them to new Ideas..

Get a clue - Maas isn't a great quarterback, period. Evaluate the guy objectively, don't sit back and say "oh he's a great quarterback! He's had lots of wonderful seasons!"

He hasn't!

The guy's been in the CFL for 7 years and he's had one impressive season and one decent season; he's not some bigtime record setter and he's never led the league in anything. Last year he pretty much rode the pine, 2003 he rode the pine, and in 2000 he rode the pine! He had one great year in 2004 passing for 5,270 yards and good for him but it's not like we traded for some veteran starter who's proven that he can get the job done. He's spent most of his career as the number 2 guy for a reason. Should we trade him off or release him?

I don't think that's the way to go, but should he be left on the field? No. After watching him be defeated last night, it's time for him to take a break. Maybe next year he'll do better, but right now he's worthless in a trade so Hamilton's got him and we gave away Troy Davis after ruining Troy's season TO get him so we better make some use of the Maasiah.

He's right, guys. Maas isn't exactly the king of the world. But what else do we have? Not much.

Evaluate Maas as a QB not wheter he is a nice guy and trys hard.His throwing accuracy is terrible,he has no long ball and therefore he stinks as a QB!Maas has hadmore than enough chances to prove himself and the only thing he has proven is that he cannot get the job done!!!

C'mon Ticats... Enough with Maas. He's killing us. A 5 turnover game is what he's contributed. It doesn't matter that he threw for 5000 yds. last year. hE is the trigger for the offense. Nice trigger. Its time to start R. Williams with his cannon for an arm and serious wheels. I can't believe after checking the game stats that he is still playing so. WAKE UP TICAT ADMN!!!! Use the remainder of the season to get the right personnel in the right positions. And that begins by playing Williams and Eakin(I guess) at qb.

This sums it up in a nutshell and probably explains why Maas continues to start week after week. The coaches see Eakin and Williams day after day in practice and can see how limited both are. Maas as poor as he's been is still the best of what you have at QB.

It puzzles me though that wiht the last NFL cuts having been made, that they haven't brought in any other QBs. Timmy Chang was cut by the Steelers on the weekend. He has the NCAA passing record for most yards as a 4 year starter at U of Hawaii. He's deemed too small for the NFL but could be really effective up here. NFL Europe last year I think.

An Argo fan

Salary Cap!!!