Maas says he will be back......

Check out the piece on Maas from today's Spectator on the news page here.
He says he will improve and wants to be the starting QB next year. Nothing about injuries but he sheds some light of his family life.
I give him an A for being steadfast. But he has a ton of work to do on reading defences and translating it into completed passes.
I guess whatever happens to him as a Tiger Cat will be up to the new Head coach and Marcel Desjardins. I imagine there will be a few good challengers in training camp.

If he can't overcome the injuries he suffered with all season long, and Lancaster seems to think he will suffer with them for the rest of his career, then I think his time will be over as a quarterback in Hamilton. I believe Desjardins will be bringing in a bonafide starting quarterback to compete with Maas, Eakin and Williams for the starter's job. I really hope Maas can recover from whatever plagued him during this horrible season so that we can see what he can do when he is healthy and with a new offensive philosophy to boot.

Well where else could he go?

An Argo fan

Thank for the Warning
Maybe The Ticats will get a trade this QB ..
Maybe we can trade him NFL Europe

Berlin Thurder May need a QB...

Of course he says he's gonna improve,he cant get any worst......

He'll be back? He was never really here!

Ok, except for the two Edmonton games.

Maybe we can talk to the schedule-maker and have all our games next year against Edmonton.

Or maybe we can hire Maciocia.

Or maybe Maas can suck it up and perform like a professional...hurt or otherwise.

That's a pretty good cheap shot Ockham. I don't think Maas' toughness or intestinal fortitude can be called into question. If the guy can't physically perform anymore, then I guess he would be finished, but I don't think it has anything to do with his character as a football player.

The Problems with Jason are :
(1)His Character is bad
(2) No Arm at All..
(3) Bad Temper

Worth Keeping not at 300,000 Per Season..
Maybe at 120,000 as a Backup

We need a Starter
He not a Starter
He Proved that this season..

I think this team should just forget about Maas completely. Ritchie Williams showed more promise after half a game than Maas has shown all season.
Get Printers...get anyone who has a proven record. Who knows who may be available in the spring or what deals can be made.

I appreciate the sarcasm!!

An Argo fan

I'd like to see him back. Get the Receivers and the O-Line to gel with a quarter back for more than 1 season, I think we could do really well.

Maas had a proven record, he took EE to the GC, and won it for them when Ray couldn't. The Ti-Cats were missing an O-line that couldn't protect Maas long enough to make the reads and the passes...just like the Leo O-line of '05.

For those who want Maas back.....

Whatever he did with Edmonton did not show itself here. Eakin had a great game at the end of last season. He has not worked out either. If Maas had "it" we would have seen signs of his capabilities at some point this season. We did not. The O-line improved. Maas did not.
Maas will be 31 years old next season. He is in the downside of his playing career. So I don't see much of a proven record to look back at and say he is our man for the future.
If this team wants to build for the future, we need a new quarterback who can grow with the team and its new coach.
We need to either bring in a very experienced, capable, older quarterback to hold the fort for a couple of years while we develop a talented younger player...or we get someone like Printers who is in mid-career and has shown excellence. For me, Maas does not fit either scenario. I admire his determination but this team needs much more talent at the starting QB spot.

My comments above are harsh, but here's why I don't think they are cheap.

How come Maas performed so well during the two Edmonton games and so poorly the other sixteen? He was a different player for those two games so why couldn't he rise to that level for the others?

That's why I am frustrated with him. The Edmonton games are a mystery and if there is a good explanation then I'll apologize for my comments. Otherwise, it seems like Maas can't perform well unless Maciocia is on the field and that's not professional.

I still believe he is our starting qb, hopeful there is a good explanation for this season, want to see him successful in the black and gold, and that he is happy with everything in his life. And if Maciocia is available then what the heck, hire him!

The difference? He had time to spend with his family. This may sound crass, but maybe he had the time to be intimate with his wife.

Sorry but we are sort of hung with Jason, like him or not.

The Argo's willreally want him when they understand that their 43 yearold QB is sort of "done" and they don't have a back up.

We did no favours for Maas in not providing an effective OLine, and not providing an OC that could implement him well, let alone the chaos in the locker room that the lack of coaching ended up at.

Eakin wasn't that great an alternative, and will not be back next year. "Our" Williams is some ways distant as a project get used to Maas for another year.

I have to agree that he and his family need to make a commitment to wherever he is going to be playing, and move there (ie "here"), or he should start thinking about a career in ladies' wear, if he wants to live off his wife's efforts, as opposed his own prospects.

I wonder if any coaches have ever mentioned that to him?

"Get used to Maas for another year"?
Don't scare us like this.
Are you saying that there is no chance to get someone better between now and next season? Maas has already been told he will have to compete for a job in training camp.
I believe Marcel Desjardins will be scouring North America for some QB talent before then.

I watched a CFL classic the other night with the Eskimoes and Jason Maas from 2004. He looked pretty good to me and he's still only 30...the new coach is going to have to try and rekindle things with him.
Desjardins has said he wants to bring in another QB with CFL expierence...that would have to be somebody like Rocky Butler, Jarious Jackson, Brad Banks or maybe Marcus Crandall...not much else out there.
With the 32 NFL carrying 4 QB's each there's not a lot left out there who could come in and start without a steep learning curve.
B.J. Symons (Texas Tech & Chicago), Bryan Randle (Virginia Tech & Atlanta), Brad Van Pelt (Colorado State & Denver), Tim Chang (Hawaii & Philadelpia) are free agents who might be worth a look but could be on other CFL teams neg lists.
What Desjardins will probably do is try and sign Butler or Jackson to back up Maas and try and get Jason a couple of big speedy WR's to put a bit of fear in the DB's in the league. Otherwise it will be another long season in Hamilton. IMO

The fact that Maas might be back as starter is one more reason I will wait until May or June to decide what to do about tix. The others are more practical than emotional but the emotional reasons weigh heavily on my mind when the pluses and minuses are pretty much in a dead heat for the first time in 5 years. I gave up my seats in 98 for similar reasons and didn't return until 03 so you can see its not just won/lost or ownership issues that bring me in or drive me away. I'll come to at least some games but to commit to a team that shows no interest in correcting their biggest problems when I have personal time issues to boot makes little sense.

1) Maas will be back to compete for his starter’s job in the 2007 camp.
2) Breathe.
3) Do not repeat #2 until #1 is understood.

:D :D :D

Oski Wee Wee,