Maas 's Arm

has maas played like a guy who should earn $400,000 this season?...i think not.

and he should, but wont re-fund the tabbies....he plays like a back-up.

maas is a big name without the big talent.

i dont know ive sat up in section 25 all year and i see no problem with his shoulder .His long balls look fine to me if not he overthrows the recievers deep alot . Asore shoulder would mean under throwing right ???

Not necessarily.

He under throws ALOT.

Both long balls that were picked against T.O. were under thrown.

who said maas is making 400,000.00 i've heard an amount & from everything i've read he's paid way under that & about #7 on the list of staring QB's, I will also say this again the long balls jason has thrown this year wheather picked or not at least six of them would have been caught and more than likely ran in for TD's in Edmonton. Tucker, Hervey and Mookie would not allow a DB take a ball from them, admit it these receivers don't fight for the ball.

Won't fight is an understatement.

Won't fight, wont stretch,lay out, jump, adjust, come back, etc....

It's being noticed by both the team and their teammates and it's hard to have a conversation with anyone in the oraganization
without discussing the differnces between our's and other teams.

Agree 1000%.
That's right , 1000.
Hamilton recievers never have.
Lazy group.

Lack of effort and lazy. If these guys wanted to win they would all make sure everyone was on the same page.

New School compared to Old School

The old guys implimented a alot of heart into the game.


Look at hockey. Americans had trouble following the there was an attempt to use coloured pucks.


I still dont know how you couldnt see something black on a white surface.....

the ball being different is just an excuse for maas' horrible season...and he shouldnt even be playing when hes not 100%...

other QBs arent complaining.


this team needs to quit playin around and put RICHIE WILLIAMS in the game. those 2 white boys that been playin dont do anything for this team.

Colour has nothing to do with ability.

Ask Warren Moon.

i think he was trying to be funny.

colour has nothing to do with most cases

I have heard from good authority that Lancaster never takes advice from dirt, so don't bother personally approaching him, ok?

Bring makes the best point out of everyone.
Apples to Apples, everyone in the leagure is throwing the same ball = Level playing field. Stop the whinning and move on with a solid topic.


the fan 590 ( a toronto station ) were discussing the possibility that maas is injured and that is what is screwin up paopao.

paopao can only call limited plays cuz maas' arm is too weak to do anything else.

they commented about how every pass he makes is wobely, overthrown or underthrown....not the same maas we saw in '04.

we need kahlil hill

Lets hope the fans at tonights game voice their displeasure good and loud if Maas continues his lousy past performances and is allowed to stay in the game.
I could not believe he was allowed to start the second half in the last game.
I know Coach Lancaster likes to stick with his #1 QB through thick and thin but Maas is not just having a temporary slump. His whole season has been a slump and its time for a change. This season is a write off so whats to lose now?

The two white boys!??? Well even the black boy won't help this team.. this ain't no qb problem! Its a coaching problem!!sheeesh!Unbelievable!

General booooooing at a team's bad performance is expected I suppose but I have a concern that the personalized shots at the players from behind the bench will start right away tonight. That stuff has to stop as it only disrupts the bench and what purpose does that serve? (not suggesting that you condone that behaviour at all "62 Cats").....I'm sure you don't.

Hopefully security makes an extra effort to weed out the idiots who try to communicate directly and personally with the players on the bench.

The players should be concentrating on the "enemy" in front of them on the field, not from behind them in the stands (sure, they're professionals, but they are also human)