Maas 's Arm

I watched some of todays practise ,specifically the quarterbacks & recievers and it was apparent that the best arm belonged to Ritchie Williams.His long balls led the recievers perfectly against our dbs as they got burned more than a few times,all the other playes were cheering for Rithcie and Kavis Reed was yelling at his db's for getting burned so bad.Jason Maas 's passes were not impressive for a pro qb and l heard a db joke to the reciever he was covering not to run so deep because Maas could
not hit him so deep.Eakin was way off target most of the times just like in his appearances.I believe that Williams should
replace mass if he plays his usual unimpressive game of 2 and outs.!!!!!!!Maas
cannot complain that he not was getting a fair shake and Paopoa carries a lot of the blame but he cannot be blamed for underthrowing or missing recievers so bad as Jason does every game.I wish the Cats would stop trying to prove that they did not make a big mistake in acquiring a damaged Jason Maas!!!!

We acquired damaged goods ... period.

What an insult to the fans ... why wouldn't you let him rehab and give Eakin or Williams a shot :?

Was it incumbent upon the Tiger-Cats to test him out before we acquired him or did the Eskimoes have to disclose the nature of the injury?
Seems to me something happened very, very wrong here, I don't know.

Richie Williams.

Maas complained early on in the season that the new stitching on the football,s was making it do unsual thing,s like a pitchers knucklball, did it affect any other qb,s/ - imo why tamper with the football,s any way?

True ,Jason complained about the new ball as did Calvillo and Burris .The ball dips for them now.

I remember when Jason Maas was traded here ,I read a sports writer from Edmonton who said ,I hope he's over his shoulder problems and can stay healthy.
It was well known here that he's been hurt there before.

The way CFL QB's are banged up you have to have two or protect them better ,but then theres Danny MacManus who seldom got touched because of his quick release and his "dough boy" colapse when he did get hit probably saved his body..... :cowboy:

8) The physical status of Maas was brought up on the last 5th Qtr. show, when a caller implied that Edmonton knew something regarding Jasons shoulder, and still made the trade !!! Ted Michaels replied that he had heard that rumour also !! Sure makes you wonder doesn't it !!! Did we acquire damaged goods ???

he plays like it

The whole CFL knew that Jason Maas sat out the start of the 2005 serason resting a recovering shoulder injury.

But then he came in and played for short spurts at the end of the season..,..

How could we not know then,we knew but assumed he was OK....

ps...nice pic APPstate 07...sure hope Richie is the answer ,just add some seasoning eh? :cowboy:

of course, i like to shake things up a bit.

Yeah it doesn't make any sence, they should bring back the old ones or switch to ones used in the NFL. Who cares if the stupid footballs has stripes or not, the league is stuck in the 50's and gets all worked up and defensive if someone suggests removing the stripes.

As far as Maas being damaged goods, he was throwing fine early in the season before his hip pointer and torn ad muscle.

What was so wrong with the friggin painted stripes? Never seemed to be much of a problem in the past? I think this was an experiment, though, at the Wilson Co. that has gone bad. I expect next year for the stripes to be painted on as before.

As for doing away with stripes all together, well, fine with me, the CFL never had them for years anyway. And even if the CFL logo shows them on now, well, it could just be referencing our history showing them on and with the football soaring up as it does, it shows the continuing on and respecting the history. So I don't think the CFL logo would need to be changed.

But man, I'm sick and tired of hearing about these stithced stripes and all the havoc they caused, couldn't Wilson have done some testing first with CFL qb's? I bet they didn't do this.

Pathetic... don't hate on the ball, it's the man throwing it.

I've questioned and talked down on Maas's arm strength from the minute he got here, and all he's done is prove me right. To think, we passed up on Kerry Joseph for this guy!!

All of his deep balls float, and he even has problem putting a little heat on the balls to the flats, and wide side outs! He's hanging onto the ball way too long in the pocket (tunnel vision), and hey, those receivers know all of this... they're not running their patterns to their completions, giving up on balls, etc. :thdn:

Get him outta' there, and lets inject some life into this offense!

"don't hate on the ball, it's the man throwing it."

Just once I would like a baseball umpire to say to a pitcher, "Use the damn ball I gave you! It's tried, tested, and true."

Have you tossed one of these new balls yet? I have, and I believe all the beef about them is justified.

Every QB in the CFL is using these new balls... whether the griping about the balls is justified or not (and yes I have tossed the new ball - I like the grip), that's no excuse for his performance this year.

The problem though, unlike baseball, is that you have made a fundamental change to a ball, a ball which no one grew up with. This is huge and some will adjust better than others.
They should have tested this first in pre-season one year and gone from there, it's ridiculous to just put out an entirely new ball like this automatically. Having stiching on a ball is a huge change, although I've never tossed one so I'm only speculating.

BINGO :thup:

I do agree it's no excuse, or a very lame excuse at best. I'm surprised that someone who appears so much "a gamer" like Maas would even say this to the press, to be honest.

Well I’m going to dive in with my thoughts on this matter…my two cents worth.

From watching Maas play, I can’t help but wonder as to his health. I don’t know whether it’s his shoulder, his hip pointer or his torn ab muscles, but he isn’t performing. And ya know what…I’m not paid to know. That’s for the coaches and GM’s to sort out.

But what I do know is the goal of any team is too field the best possible players to win a game. And if Maas is indeed hurt…then the coaches and GM aren’t doing it. I don’t care how much Maas is making compared to Williams. It doesn’t make sense to play one player over the other based on their salary. It should be based on performance…period.

As for the change in the footballs. I’ve voiced this a number of times. I am a firm believer in tradition. The size, shape and white stripes of the typical CFL ball helps define the uniqueness of our league and it should never have been tampered with. It’s arrogant of a company to arbitrarily change it’s design without first consulting with it’s clients.

I hate it when something uniquely and successfully Canadian is tampered with, (usually by a foreign company/institution) for no justifiable purpose other than the self gratification of leaving one’s mark. Let’s face it…if something isn’t American…than there are those who feel it needs to be changed. Look at hockey. Americans had trouble following the puck…so there was an attempt to use coloured pucks.

In short…if it ain’t broke…don’t fix it!

"But what I do know is the goal of any team is too field the best possible players to win a game. And if Maas is indeed hurt...then the coaches and GM aren't doing it. I don't care how much Maas is making compared to Williams. It doesn't make sense to play one player over the other based on their salary. It should be based on performance...period."

Sometimes office politics stand in the way of what makes sense to fans. You don't pay a guy a bundle only to have him ride the pine. If Mass was in fact injured prior to arriving here, it's still likely he will be playing football somewhere next year. But the guy who brought him here and signed him might not be so lucky.