Maas returning to Edmonton?

It is rumoured that the Esks are in talks with the Als to get Jason Maas back. I wonder who the Esks give up to get him back.

Any thoughts?

..if there's one talent Popp has....its finding the right can be sure the esks. are gonna have to pay big-time IF they want Jason back.....the Als. have a very suspect secondary...could be a good one from the schmoes ,going back east for Maas..... :wink: :roll:

HAHAHA… Popp isn’t THAT stupid!:stuck_out_tongue:

he’ll never give them back Maas!

Sorry Eskies… I smell 4 seasons of No Playoffs!!

something is really rotten in Edmonton!

I do see some areas where Montreal could improve. DB's, and D-Line. That being said I see some players in Edmonton they might have their eyes on. BUT. They are in a race with Edmonton and T.O. for the last playoff spot and giving J.C.(off. co-ord) and the Smoes' a piece of the offensive puzzle wouldnt be advisable. Good call cflisthebest.


Maas is just an insurance policy for MTL, no long term plan...but don't expect him to be a starter in EDM this year, unless Popp screws Danny Boy for 2-3 players & a couple of draft picks (not pick).

Trading deadline has come and past...

Tradedeadline is 4PM est., is only 2:38 right now...I guess we will know soon enough...

Personally, I can see Maas back in Edmonton in the off season, but why would Montreal send a QB to Edmonton now when they need back-up help themselves and are in a life and death struggle with Edmonton to make the play-offs?

From Edmonton's side, I think they are better off giving Lefors and Jyles some playing time and finding out whether those guys can play.

So the trade doesn't really make much sense on either side, so it is likely a done deal....

Even if they did get him, would he be effective?

Arius, signing Maas in the off season sounds logical! I do suspect that Maas will make his way back to EDM, considering his wife still lives there and he has a home!

He won't be returning this year, because we simply haven't got anyone good enough that we can afford to lose to get Maas. Its more critical that we find some o-linemen who can provide real pocket protection for LeFors; he can and will throw it deep if he has TIME and an open man.

Well I am sure the Als would send Maas to Edmonton for his salary and a duffle bag of footballs. Besides he will be back with chipmunk who has lost sleep since Maas left. :lol: :lol: Ican see hearts appearing both of their eyes.

…looks like the trading deadline has come and gone…soooo i guess the re-uniting of Maas and Machoka will have to wait till next year…and we know when it happens,it’ll be strictly for the ‘luv’ of the game… nudge, nudge… :wink: :wink:

Now THERE is someone we can afford to trade! Didn't Danny used to work for the Als? They can have him back in a heartbeat.

Yup, he started as a volunteer coach.
I never knew there was such a thing.

Most teams have a few volunteer coaches during training camp.
I think the Riders may have invited Roger Aldag in this year.

Well gee, doesn't that make him a lovable part of the Alouette family! :smiley: Wouldn't MTL just be dying to have their favorite boy Danny back home? If he'll work for free there, thats good, because he isn't worth paying. :lol:

i can totally see Maas returning to the Eskimo bosom this off-season. the poor guy has been like a lost puppy since he left.. He's a nice addition to a powerhouse with others to carry him.. but a leader on his own? Way over his head. some guys just play better when steeped in the Eskimo greatness. eg, kamau Peterson.. in Hamilton and Wpg, he was just another Ibrahim Tounkara or Andrew English... in Edmonton, he's the second coming of John Konihowski. Jay Goss, same thing... an abused DB in Ottawa, a veritable Damion Lyons once in the Alta capital.

I agree he will make his way back to the Esks but wether he enjoys the same success is another question entirely.

Well I will put Piggys two cents in here! I really think Maas is done. He seems to have lost his confidence and his skill. It was apparent in Hamilton even though the recievers there are nothing to qwrite home about. But really something is wrong.

From what I've seen, Maas was playing the role of a tackling dummy in Hamilton, behind an O-line that was made of Swiss cheese. That will take its toll on a QB's confidence and skill.