Maas > Ray

Ray isn't going anywhere, and he's had a much better than "average" season.

-Ray threw for over 5500 yards this season and broke Doug Flutie's record for completions. Ray's completion % is also near 70%.

-Ray helped improve the Esks to 11-7 record (after 9-9 with Maas last year)
-Ray was the quarterback two years ago for the Esks first Grey Cup win in 10 years, and took them to the Cup in his rookie season
-Ray just turned 26, and most quarterbacks don't get as good as he is until they are 30. Maas wasn't as good at 26 as Ray is right now.

Not taking anything away from Maas, but Ray is definitely a keeper.

oh ya great game maas.....keep it rolling into b.c. next week...

Absolutely…but 9-9 last year is Maas’ fault?

Not my point… That was kind of deflected towards the Ray bashers. I truly think the Esks still would’ve had an 11-7 record with Maas starting this year. A lot of their losses were due to bad penalties, turnovers on fumbles, dropped passes, and a poor kicking game.

Maas had a great individual year last season, but I think injuries messed him up and affected the whole team for some games.

My point is Ray was the starter the year before and the year after, both winning seasons. It’s hard to claim that he’s simply average.


What drives me nuts are people who don't understand that this kind of deal happens all the time. There are probably two or three other "under-the-table" deals in the league right now that no one knows about. I don't know if Maas is coming here or not -- I think he is -- but whether he was part of the Davis trade or not, the fact is that this kind of thing is not unusual, especially between two :mrgreen: bestest buddies :smiley: like Hughie and Ronnie.

Without Davis, the Esks would have lost yesterday...without Maas, the Esks would have lost yesterday...if Edmonton wins the Grey Cup, it's because of Hamilton. That's why the Riders were so pissed off about the deal when it happened. They knew there was something going on that was not being released to the media.

And Yeast#5, "future considerations" do not hinge upon a player's performance. What you're thinking of is a "conditional draft pick", where the better the player does the higher the draft pick the team gets in return. "Future considerations" are kind of like the CFL's version of a Christmas fruitcake: they get bounced around from one team to another, traded from you to me, then me to him, then him to you again, with none of us ever actually touching it. If Maas was a part of this deal, it was not "future considerations"; it was an under-the-table agreement that a trade would be made at the end of the year. As I said, these deals happen all the time, and no one would ever back out of one.

I wouldn't be surprised if they also agreed on a handshake that, come free agent season, Hamilton would not bid for Davis, and Edmonton would not bid for Brock Ralph. That would be a good arrangement for Edmonton, because, while Davis would consider coming back to the Ticats, and such a deal would eliminate one of Edmonton's main rivals for his services, everyone has jumped to the conclusion that Ralph will be joining the Stampeders next season; so the Esks probably aren't interested in bidding on him anyway, and they're assuming that he won't be back with the Cats.

Even IF sending Maas to Hamilton at the season's end was part of the deal, I fail to see how that is unfair. The Esks lost a couple of good young players in that deal. Kind of like when they traded a young Mike O'Shea to Hamilton for Damon Allen back in 1993.

It's called managing a team, and if other GMs like Shivers knew anything about it they would trade some of their extra players to fill in spots where the team is weak.

...oh oh oh!! EskJebus I think I know this one!! Ummm.....a quarterback and receivers, right???

You know your Roughriders trivia!

Actually, I only heard that Shivers cried foul when the deal was made. I never listen to anything he says, so I can’t say that I heard it first hand. I only mentioned it because it is one of the reasons I’m sure there’s more to the deal than the teams are telling us.

And wasn’t Allen the Grey Cup MVP that same year? I can’t say it was a bad decision for Edmonton.

But that was another example of a handshake deal. The Esks probably wouldn’t have picked O’Shea, but Hamilton wanted him, and they wanted Allen. The deal was made before the draft, but the trade wasn’t made until afterwards. Imagine how ticked everyone would have been at the Ticats if, after Edmonton picked O’Shea, the Cats had said, “No, we think we’ll keep Damon instead.”