Maas > Ray

I've been saying it all along. That if Maas had been the main QB this season Edmonton would have finished first in the West. It looks like I may have been right. If I were Edmonton I would definitely give Maas the start against the Lions.

Agreed. Hopefully the esks don’t trade one of the classiest and the most talented qbs in the league, Jason Maas, to hamilton like the rumours claim.

Like our other posts, I am with you guys about keeping Jason. Like the soap opera in BC, I am afraid there is only room for one next year.

About those Maas rumours. If Maas is indeed is going to Hamilton in exchange for Davis, doesn't it kinda seem like cheating on the part of Edmonton to still be allowed to hold onto Maas for the playoffs. Because really, if Maas was traded to the Ti-Cats for Davis, technically Jason probably shouldn't have even been in this game. It doesn't seem unfair that Edmonton should be allowed to stack it's team and not have to give up anyone until after the playoffs. Know what I'm saying? Did I make sense there?

Maybe I'm just playing Devils advocte here.

If there is a deal that went out involving Maas for Davis, I'd assume part of the deal was is that we would keep Maas for the rest of the season to help the eskimos, because at the time i think Hamilton could not mathematically make it into the playoffs. I hope this is only a rumour and speculation though.

It's what is called Future Considerations and a trade to be completed at year end.

The Esks have to keep Davis next year.

What a pick up!

Davis is a free agent at year end.

With Future Considerations, isn’t it based on what the player you traded away does for the other team? If Davis does well, then the Tabbies get a good player and if Davis does pourly, then the Ti-Cats don’t get compensated very well. That’s why it is called futures. If the player is already predetermined (ie Maas) it doesn’t really make it a Future “Consideration”.

I may be wrong though.

keep maas for sure............great heart , great attitude, class all the way ...

there was no “future considerations” in the trade to Hamilton. Will Jason be in Hamiltrion next year, maybe. or in ottawa or even Sask. but people who think its a given that maas is in hamilton drive me nuts.

The Evil Empire will gobble up Davis and any other good player thats a free agent…something has to be done about a Salary Cap…but with Darth Campbells influence I doubt that will ever happen.


Most Eskimo players are scouted and groomed by the Esks organization. Sure they fill in a weak spot here or there with a free agent or a traded player now and again.

But the fact of the matter is guys like Ray, Maas, Hervey, Tucker, Mobley, Gaylor, Gass, etc. were all scouted and brought in by Edmonton.

My point is the Esks would likely be kicking ass anyways.

I already siad it once but I will again,

Edmonton will keep Maas and keep Ray as a back up.

If Edmonton is obligated to give up Maas to Hamilton , perhaps they'd be wiser into talking the ti-cats into taking Ricky Ray instead . Of course Ray's big salary would be a turn off to Hamilton though, especially considering Ray's average performance. But may worth a try to the esks . They'll look real stupid if they give up Maas next year and Ray turns out Mr. Average again .

The Esks never end up looking stupid. Even if they did trade Mass and Ray played awful, they'd somehow end up with a top QB by the end of next season, and be the big threat yet again.

why would any team in their right mind (HAM.) make a deal for Davis and Comiskey....and not expect something of real value in return....color Maas gone my friends in Edm.........he'll be a Ti-Cat next year.... :wink:

....I wouldn't be surprised to see Esks....make a play for Printers next year....but then if they were successful in signing him...would Ray stay a back-up like Maas did....I doubt it....rumour on radio station in Van. is that IF Casey dosen't get the start this weekend against Esks....a very disgruntled Casey will be looking to play somewhere else next year.....funny thing though they stated Wpg. could very well be that place....hmmmmmm :roll:

Edmonton has Maas and Ray as backup. They don't need anymore QBs to take up they payroll.

"average" performonace? This guy's getting a lot of heat...geebus, you'd think this was NY...