Maas ranked 10th


Hamilton Tiger-Cats

Arm: There was nothing wrong with it a couple years ago, but sadly Maas doesn't look the same after off-season shoulder surgery.

Mobility: This never was his strong suit, and at 31 he's not getting any quicker.

Mind: Considered one of the smarter quarterbacks in the league. Scored one of the highest marks on the college Wonderlic Test years back.

Durability: A failing grade here, as back, elbow and shoulder injuries have derailed what looked to be a solid career.

Verdict: We've always loved this guy's spirit, and would like nothing better than for him to bounce back. The last two years, though, he hasn't got it done.

The above comes from this article :
Where have all the great quarterbacks gone?

Reading this just made feel so sorry for Maas. I love his competetivness, his attitude, and he says all the right things. A real team player. I hope he can get back to prime form real soon, otherwise his career will succumb to all the injurioes and surgeries.

And not an excuse, nor a peep from him regarding any of this. Great guy!

When your starting QB is ranked 10th in an 8 team league, 0-5 is a solid record.

Don't you think?


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Hey, at least we're consistent. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

None of those articles mean anything to me. I'll be there cheering on whoever starts no matter what.

Me too.

I feel badly for Jason as well and I think that sometimes we all (even me)lose sight of the 'human' aspect of this game.
However, this is Pro Football (a business) and sometimes business decisions need to be made. Chronic underperformers get axed in business.

Here are Jason's stats (thanx CFl website):

2006 8 TD, 17 Int, QB Rating 71.9
2007 2 TD, 5 Int, QB Rating 70.8

Morreale and Hitchcock weren't shown the loyalty that we're showing to a guy who has produced very little (see stats above) since he arrived.

Finally, about the idea that Jason's confidence will be damaged by being a backup.

In College (1998), Jason "saw limited action as senior backing up starter Akili Smith at quarterback...finished the season completing seven of his 19 pass attempts for 68 yards"

After College, he managed to go on to a Pro Career and even had one very good season, so I'm sure that he can mentally handle backing up Timmy Chang.

All I know is that if any of us performed the way he has in our jobs, we would be standing at the unemployment line. Given his salary, one would expect more. When are the Cat’s brass going to grow some gonads and do something? He probably is a great guy on and off the field but personality doesn’t win games. I believe that stat I read was 4 wins in 20 starts. Are we going to have to go 4 for 33 before a change is made?

Not if you work for the city....and for the record, I don't!

True enough AMG. I see the city workers every day on my way in. They've been planting so many flowers along Dundurn Castle that so it will be time to take them all out. I love the way they park their trucks and take up one whole lane, backing up traffic to the high level bridge. One working and three supervising. Only in Hamilton.

Eight teams and Maas is ranked 10th. And he starts again this Friday? I guess Taafe wants to see if he can drop to 11th.

If it wasn't so sad, I'd be laughing.


An Argo-Cat fan

First of all let me state that I am not Pro Maas or Anti Chang or any combination thereof.

I am Pro Tigercats and all that they employ.

I love Maas's competitive spirit and his desire to succeed.

I wouldn't say I like his "attitude". Always tugging at his chinstrap in disgust or throwing his had back in disgust when a play goes wrong. I didn't like the way he responded to the rude comments from some fans in Box J last year.

Having said that I do feel for the guy, he is a warrior and for whatever reason he just can't get it done.

Everytime he throws a deep ball I just cringe, as I'm sure he does because it just doesn't have the strength on the throw that is required and that i'm sure he is used seing in the past.

I think Lancaster had it right when he said last year that Jason's arm will never be the same as it was before the injury - the secret is how Jason is able to adjust to remain effective.

I do feel for Jason. I know it is eating him up inside that he isn't able to get the job done.

I also think that Timmy is not ready and that leaves Charlie in an difficult position. AT game 5 of the season he has to go with the warrior. If he can't get it done in the next 3 weeks or so he will put in the young gunslinger and he will learn on the job and that would not bode well for wins this year IMO.

Tough spot - the confidence rebuilding oft injured vet or the tons of potential learn on the fly youngster. I wouldn't want to be responsible for that call.

All I can hope as a fan is that we win a few games in the process.

The only difference between this year and last year is that we made moves in the offseason that give me hope for the future.

At the end of last season things were really bleak, management, coaches everyting was a mess.

0-5 is not how I had hoped to start but I do feel we are headed in the right direction to the coaches and front office I emplore - stay the course and things will improve.