Maas @ QB

I think season ticket sales will tank if Maas is first on the depth chart for 2007.

Yes, the only thing that will keep my away next year is if the ticket prices go up.

There is no way I am going to plan my life around 10 trips to Hamilton to watch this guy perform repeated mental errors and self defeating composure. I realize that the offensive system is partly responsible for the failure, but when the other 11 guys execute and he continually fails to do so, I am really left with no hope at all.

I think you should include a category for I WILL NOT renew my season's ticket if they hire Don Matthews as head coach.

Don matthews isn't an option. Never was, never will be.

Whether I renew or not has little to do with individual players but rather if I can convince someone to come along with me. It isn't looking good at the moment to be honest with you and Mass is one of 2 major factors. The other is the lack of a head coach and what direction he may take us. I'll go to games regardless but I may not get season's tix due the issues I pointed out above. As for Don Mathews, I think I'd get Argos six before supporting that guy

Who knows, the nice thing is we have someone like Desjardins who knows what the score is and can assess the situation. We are in a great position with him and it may mean Maas stays or goes, whatever.

You're right Earl. And it is a big decision early on in Desjardins' reign. How the QB situation evolves(it's a QB driven league) will have a huge impact on the team and Marcel. Like you, I think we need to be patient and let him do his job.

Marcel is an unproven rookie.

He has no onfield experience playing or coaching
professionally or otherwise that I have heard of.

He better not make "knee jerk" decisions
like he did when he closed practices.

He now works for a team owner who takes pride in
building the most fan friendly environment possible,

not tearing down the one he has had meticulously built.

If this sounds like 'sour grapes' is!


The decision of cutting Khalil Hill may just be his first example
of one of his "knee jerk' decisions regarding players.

Does`nt matter because whatever Marcel decides you guys will think you know better !!!!