Maas/Printers/Learning From Mistakes

That was a completely different looking Offense in the second half with Porter on the field. All year I've been thinking our problems were primarily with the OLine and then the receiver corps. The line held for Porter and heck, even Mitchell caught passes.

Hopefully the organization learned from the Maas mistake. Hanging onto a QB who clearly isn't getting the job done does not win football games. There are similarities between Maas and Printers: we're all blaming the players around them, schemes, etc. Maas showed up here with a wonky shoulder and separation anxiety. Printers showed up with rust from three years of holding a clip board and arrogance.

At this point we aren't making the playoffs. Porter deserves to start the next game for a truer test of his abilities. If he plays an entire game like he did the second half of tonight's then it's time to cut the Printers' cable.

You can't really expect season ticket sales to go up next year, and the base is getting a 25% discount. To me that makes an ineffective Printers too rich for Tigertown blood.

What I noticed is that Porter by and large stayed in his pocket and showed a lot of poise (ala McManus), and would only go out of it unless required. With Printers, he rarely ever stays in the pocket. Maybe that's done on purpose by direction of the offensive co-ordinator. But maybe the reason Printers never seems to have any time back there is because he is out of his pocket within 1 second and the offensive linemen can't protect him that way. With Porters, I swear he had an extra 2 seconds than Printers did each play, and I swear it's because he stayed in the pocket.

Porter was also making a second and third read for completions.

Printers locks in on one receiver and if he's covered has to scramble.

Granted, Porter had more time...for some reason. He also made better use of his time, found targets, got rid of the ball.

Glad you noticed this too.... it was weird.

Yeah I agree. Porter seemed to be more on target with his throws as well. With Printers it’s always a little early, a little late, a little off… Porter seemed to be just hitting the targets and making it look easy.

But maybe the reason Printers never seems to have any time back there is because he is out of his pocket within 1 second and the offensive linemen can't protect him that way.
8) Maybe the better question would be, does the OL really want to protect Printers ???

I want to give our guys more credit than that. However, with the ease every team's DEs seem to have enroute to Printers I'm starting to wonder what exactly is going on.

If DMac is our OC next year, then Porter would be a natural QB for him to teach.

Something is going on. Printers is in a hurry and panicked and porter stands in with poise. I dont get it at all. I hope they use the rest of the games wisely to really evaluate this porter kid cus it really seemed to change when he came in.

That "something" you guys are talking about == Porter staying in his pocket that was designed and practiced to protect the QB!!!

i noticed it and can not figure out why. he had way more time than printers did and that is why he could make a second read

It will be interesting to see how the OLine performs in BC given who badly the Lions went through them here. Although it was garbage time, Porter got cranked at least once.

Winnipeg seemed to play softer zones at times in the second half and weren't as prone to sending the safety or others on blitzes. The Bombers play more "seven on the line" style sets where they can disguise their blitzes and dogs compared to what Creehan tries to do. I didn't see them in Porter's face with that as much as they were with Casey.

I liked what I saw out of Porter. Now that 2009 is here (effectively), he does need more in-game work so that the club can see what he has.

Casey? It's clear to me that he has never found a consistent groove with the receivers and that his style doesn't lend itself to the approach Marcel is using. Getting him out of the pocket is a must whenever he is out there, because that is when he is at his best.

People can float that Casey's contract is inhibiting the club somehow, but given how that club has put this roster together, I don't buy it. If Ray can be had for 450K+ and Edmonton is able to put a competitive, consistenly improving squad on the field with The Gnome in charge, why can't we?

When you are 2-10, you have to use your present to find your future. I am open to seeing more of Porter after tonight, even if he's given a shot to start at this point.

The one thing that impressed me about Porter is that HE GETS RID OF THE BALL ASAP. His timing impresses me for a rookie. He certainly appears to have a lot of arm strength!

I continue to hope that Casey can be part of the solution when this thing gets turned around, say, in 2009. LMAO That being said, if Porter or Williams can make a compelling case that either one of them can be the guy, then that will change that dynamic. This team is going to have to have one hell of a run in offseason recruitment and regime change (whether Marcel is retained and who will be on his staff is a big question) to break fans from the malaise.

Oski Wee Wee,

From what I've seen lately (and compared to the last 4 or 5 seasons) I almost hope that the Cats keep MB on as coach. We need to stop making wholesale changes in the off season and start getting some consistency on our team. Make some minor tweaks through FA etc but build on what we've got.