Maas played well,

Credit where credits due......Maas had himself a good game. He showed a lot of confidence out there.
He also seemed to have a little more zip on the ball.
To win in the cfl you'd better have a qb that is moblie. Last night Maas was sprinting out and making some things happen.
Hopefully he'll be even better next game in BC.

You wouldn't be Jason's mom by any chance would you? :lol:

An Argo-Cat fan

I thought he played well too. I was quite surprised when he was pulled, although throwing that interception was an 'untimely' error (to say the least).

I listened to the Tiger-Cats show on CMHL today and I'm surprised that Ted Michaels didn't ask Taaffe why he pulled Maas.

It's possible that this thread:

click here

might explain it. According to it, Maas disobeyed something Taaffe clearly told him to do. That would be just grounds for pulling a guy in my book.


he played okay.... but 10 points after 50 minutes just cant happen

but yea he did improve

but still has to improve more

he played alright, some stupid decisions though

as i've been saying from the start of the season it's a team game and the team improved around maas and we showed some chemistry.
also i thought they used maas properly moving him out of the pocket and misdirection plays had the blitzing als def confused.
now, if some of the maas bashers could show a little more patience, maybe we'll get to see a pretty effective platoon system with both chang and maas.
as long as we show improvement each game the offence should be in sync soon enough. it's only game 4 coming up.