Maas' Other Body Parts

Since we already have one about his arm, and we don't want to clutter up the board with too many threads since we need extra space for all those happy threads after the game tonight, I thought that I'd start one for the rest of Maas.

I'll start.

I think it's a good idea that he has elbows.

well im luvin his ears. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Man, if Maas could run a 4.2, he'd achieve lift-off withose ears.

An Argo fan

But his HEART is bigger than all of the ticat fans put together!!! Oh yeah and his bird flipping finger shouldn't go unnoticed either!!! What do all of you expect out of these players when you stand over them screaming, yelling and booing... "You Suck" I'd Like to see how everyone would do at their jobs!! I know I couldn't clean teeth with someone yelling over my shoulder!!

can it get any worse!!!!!! :?

Dudes, the body part that needs the most attention is the one that only his wife can really help him with! This is the only reason why, Jason is having difficulty... why the hell dosen't his wife move to Hamilton with him? Seems to me, his is not totally committed to winning, nor does he really care about Hamilton. If I was his employer, I would have serious concerns about his committment to winning, and to this community. Your community!

Maas or any other QB would have no chance behind that swiss cheeese line. They rushed three men at the end and they got to the QB untouched. We have no one in charge who will stand up and adress our most important needs!

The problems are more than at QB but it may be a bit of a question of what came first - Maas's demise or the total team quitting on both sides of the ball.