Maas or Ray

Who would you start and why?

I would start Maas, he's the hot hand right now.

As an Als fan i vote Ricky Ray !!!

They won the last two games by starting Ray and finishing up with Maas.

There's no reason why it shouldn't work a third time.

yah roughyfan stay in your own barn, mass caomes better off the bench , keep ricky, in to start and if need to put maas in

I know it has worked the last two games, but why not put the qb that is playing better right now in to start. So instead of 1 quarter of playing time he can have 4 quarters of playing time and can win the game from the start.

well realy ricky played pretty well.

17-28 206, and two tds.

and jason is alot better coming off the bench


thats why your a winni fan ,

mate, his really good, I'd have him as my starter over Ray (or Glenn) anyday.

would you trade charles roberts for maas?

no way!, Roberts is a hero to the people of the peg!

Wanye, maybe.

Ray played well in the first half. Start ray for first half, switch to Maas in the second.

Ricky ray....cuz how dumb do u look if Maas wins the game for u, then u trade him to

why do u think the Lions put Printers in for?....cuz if he wins it, then GREAT....if he doesnt, then he becomes the scapegoat, and you dont look bad when u dont keep him.

I'd start Maas - but it won't happen.

Dumb Edmonton coach was on the radio this morning patronizing his own quarterback, talking about him (Maas) as if the QB was a 5-year-old kid.

NO WAY Maas is going to start.

....and that's why the Als are going to win - by the time Maas gets into the game, it'll be too late!

I hope, Edmonton's got the one two punch, but two great QB going for stratum will tear a team apart, see Leos and Riders.

Kanga, only one problem with your last statement...... you used the word great, followed by QB's, and then referred to the riders.

I don't know if you watched any of their games, but neither rider QB is "great". I'd give them "adequate" at best..... however, in my opinion, our problems were not anywhere near related to a QB controversy, they were related to a patheticly un-imaginitive offensive game plan, and a defence that liked to give up game winning drives in the last few minutes of a game. Although I'm hoping for a new, better QB, if we fix the play-calling, we'd probably be alright given our current personnel.

To keep on topic and make the post somewhat relevant, I thought otherwise originally, but I'd probably start Ray as well. Maas has seemed to have success doing things that Ray wasn't doing, seeing different things in the defences.... so if Ray isn't getting the job done, Maas may be able to exploit a weakness that Ray couldn't.

I think they should do what they did the last two games and put Ray in as starter for the first half and then put Maas in.

I like this combination and it's worked two times in a row.

I think Ray is best to start because he plays conservative and he's very composed. This would be his third Grey Cup start, and he's won one before, so he won't have any jitters. That's the best way for an offense to start a game.

The Esks can put Maas in if they need a change in momentum. It worked against a red-hot Stampeder team and a desperate BC team. It's plausible that it can work against Montreal.

Apparently, it's going to be Ray starting.

Makes sense, really. Ray started last week and the week before, and they won both games. Doesn't matter that Maas pulled both games out of the fire, Ray got the start in two playoff games, and they won both.

The Esks will use that as proof that he's the better QB when they're explaining the reasoning behind keeping Ray and sending Maas to Hamilton. I don't know how many people are going to buy into it, but...

Yeah it's Ray for sure. I would've gone with Maas simply because I think he deserves it with what he's done in the last two games. However, Ray was also good in BC.. and if Macciocca honestly believes the media hype that starting and then pulling Ray is a "plan" then I guess that's what's going to happen. Personally I think a slow start is going to be the Eskie's end in this one. It'll be alot like the game against Calgary, except that you won't see Montreal handing over the ball 7 times in the second half to let them come back.