Maas Officially Retires

For some reason I thought he retired years ago...when the TiCats acquired him via trade.

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That breaks my heart lol.

I hope he enjoys his post-football life. Best of luck to him.

Now that made me laugh out loud. Good one. I agree.

I still feel sorry for those poor fools who bought his jersey. I still see alot of #11 Maas jerseys at games.

I suppose I'd have been in the same boat with my Printers jersey, if I hadn't changed it to Bruce that is. Dodged a bullet there. I got lucky with my home Lumsden jersey too. IMO Johnson is our best player so I changed that one too.

I saw lots of Maas jerseys and jersey Ts on sale for $10 and $5 at National sports. It was pretty funny

The Maas-erati is put on cinder blocks for the last time, eh? LOL

Best wishes to him in his post-football endeavours.

Oski Wee Wee,


Mr Spoiled Retires good Riddance to bad Rubbish


My Arm Aint Strong

Major Acquisition Amouts to Squat

Made Appearance And Sucked

Anyone got anymore?

I found the article about Maas in the Edmonton Journal to be pretty interesting. It makes no reference at all to his time here in Hamilton, for obvious reasons :wink: . One interesting fact noted here was that new Edmonton Coach, Kavis Reed, asked Maas to retire. That speaks volumes about how the new Edmonton coaching staff and management felt about Maas. The whole article seemed to allude to the idea that the atmosphere around the Edmonton club was no longer favourable towards Maas ever since the departure of GM Danny Maciocia. The original plan (under Maciocia) was to have Maas transition into a coaching position with the Eskimos, but that offer was no longer there under Tillman and Reed. I found it strange that Maciocia is still high on Maas even to this day :? . Obviously, the team must have known that Maas would never progress himself to a starting position and felt that it was time to move in a different direction with the QB position. Besides, 9 years as a backup (in Edmonton) is a pretty long time in pro sports! Hopefully, Maas finds himself something better to do. You can bet it won't be anywhere near Hamilton!

What an absolutely horrible thing to say about a person.

If someone posted that about YOU on this board, that person would be banned immediately.

Shame on you for this. However, I truely believe that you have no shame, considering your posting history recently...

All that can be said that is honest in the Maas case is that the Eskimoes are a better team today

Jason might have done well in Hamilton but it was clear that his shoulder was bad even as we signed him. It's still a mystery how the training staff didn't notice it. I still firmly beieve that his hobby as an avid bow hunter messed his shoulder up...

There is a ton of documentation on this type of injury that can result: Here's an example:

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Note: I don't know for sure obviously, but it's food for thought