Maas Not The Man-Article

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I wonder if the "inside source" was McMahon?

Maas is at best a back-up quarterback.

This is the part that concerns me...

"You can't press the panic button," Katz said. "The reality is when the lights go on and the game starts, you've got to make plays and we've got the guys who can do that.

"But we've got to start doing that and very soon."

When does very soon start??? Really soon I hope.

Nice piece as usual by Dan Ralph.
What worries me are the comments by GM Bob Katz. He is about two months behind. The panic button should have been pressed back then. Where has he been? Maas injured or not? One source says yes. Katz denies it. Looks like Maas and Katz need to come clean with all of this. Whats to be gained by trying to cover up the situation? If Maas is still injured then I gladly take back many of the comments I have made on this forum about his performance.

As bad as the TiCats have been, I don't think the panic button's been pushed because the Argos haven't been much better. Put together a few wins and they're in the playoffs, even with the crossover.

If Maas is hurt, they'd be crazy to make it public. Why put a bullseye on Maas shoulder/arm if it's not fully recovered. On the other hand, if he's healthy, Katz should be in contact with Casey Printer's agent and the Lions. Printers was sacked 5 times and gave up in an interception in his limited playing time in his 1st preseason game. I'd prefer to see him in double blue though.

An Argo fan

Maybe if Maas wasn't being forced to run the ball so much ( is he still our leading rusher or did Ranek overtake him with his one good game), he wouldn't be so banged up.

Maas throws the ball deep, only horizontally for a three yard gain. If he’s banged up then Eakin should get some starts until Maas recovers.

Yeah..but it seems to me to be more crazy to let him play with an injury if he can't throw downfield....and also risk making it worse. Keeping the injury (if there is one) secret is jeopardizing the team right now. Makes no sense to me. I dunno. After reading Coach Lancasters comments it doesn't seem as if thinks there is an injury problem.
Al I know is that there is a HUGE problem with Maas' playing right now, regardless of the cause. And if its because of an injury, its affecting the whole team if Pao Pao has to call plays based on what Maas can do. Maas is not the whole problem for sure. I consider Pao Pao to be THE major problem for this team.

After the TiCat game, Damon Allen said he'd need surgery on his broken finger at some point but he was hoping to make it to the end of the year. Pinball when interviewed later said he wasn't pleased that Damon had revealed the extent of the injury thus making an even bigger target of himself. So if Maas is hiding an injury, better to keep it hidden.

I agree that the gameplan and playcalling is pathetic and needs to be seriously revamped to take advantage of the players' strengths AND the opposition's waeknesses.

An Argo fan

Pinball when interviewed later said he wasn't pleased that Damon had revealed the extent of the injury thus making an even bigger target of himself
Pinball must have some incredible respect for our defensive ends if he thinks they can "target" a specific finger on a QB's hand.... :lol:

Ribs?.......Gimpy knee?.....sure.......but a finger? :roll:

Pinball is always good for a laugh these days though :thup:

Ya,agreed Mikey.

QB's already have targets on their Jerseys #9 & #11. :wink:

Pinball was upset at a player saying that the Argos are vulnerable to the run on the Bull Pen Fan590 too,

Boy, Pinball is getting wierded out these days....his biggest concern should be that some company introduces a new line of "Marijuana Scented Cologne" that the opposing team will splash on to distract the Argonauts on the field....hmmmm, is that an idea or what? :lol:

We could call it "Field of Hallucinations" (a new take on "Field of Dreams") .....or....."Eau du Mary Jane"


I fully agree with this!!!

Hey I was there you could see that Maas can't throw the deep ball or put some zip on the ball when they did go deep. I think they are covering up his injuries.

And look what its doing to this team. Whats the point of keeping him in there. Give Ritchie Williams a shot or bring someone else in. Every defensive player in the CFL must know about Maas' whats the big secret?
Thanks for the first hand observation.
Maas' problem has to be injuries. He's much better than we've seen.

That's an interesting the way...did Maas not make his name by coming in off the bench??? Pretty easy to be the "Hero" when you throw somebody new into a game that is prepared to throw a change-up! That happens in baseball all the time!

Edmonton proved that last year! :roll:

Steve 268 may have hit the nail on the head there. Why are we putting "all our eggs in one basket"?

Why are our proven receivers not geting the ball???

Because Paopao is a tool

Actually Maas made his name in 2004 by being only the second Eskimo quarterback to throw for over 5000 yards in a season, and yes, he was a starter then.

Which of the Ticat receivers are acting "proven"??? In my opinion your best chances of winning are with Maas behind centre. It takes 11 other guys to do their job, and although Maas will take the heat, it's not all his fault. A playoff spot is not out of reach, and I think you guys have a lot of potential. It's up to the coaches to bring the potential to the same page.

It seems people's memories become very selective when nestled into a nasty losing season like this one.

I wonder if Maas would have thrown for five hundred yards in 2004 with this offensive system?