Maas needs to find a new job!

There is only one word to describe the Eskimo’s game…PATHETIC! How can you win a football game if you can’t tackle, can’t throw, can’t catch, can’t run and you seem to have only one play in the offensive play book.

Note to Maas, the teams have figured out that if the cover the swing pass that is all you got! You haven’t figured that out after 4 games. Why are you still coaching? At this rate we will miss the playoffs and you still won’t have anything imaginative in the playbook.

Like I said, PATHETIC!

Ya. I think this is it for Maas as Esks HC.
Not sure how many years he has left on his contract.
Or how it works should he take another job in the CFL.
I know both Ottawa & Toronto are in dedperate need of an OC/QB coach.