maas n chang/snaps/etc

Well ima rly young season ticket holder of 9 yrs or so, not much compared 2 many of u on here,but right now im embarassed 2 ba ticat fan,this is a disgrace,it was bad enough we had 4 or so games last yr witout a td,but this years "revamped" offence and coaching staff hasnt dont squat..heres my 2 main observations from last night...tell me if u agree..

  1. Who's our centre? Hage right?! more than half the time id say at least, the ball was snapped brutally,and weather it was chang or maas, they had 2 jump for the ball which takes a full second off to set up again,and every second back there counts, and it doesnt help when we have a centre who continues to snap it way to high like did anyone else notice this? we need 2 fix this, its a minor problem,but if u fix it,i believe it will help. I might as well also throw in that the offensive line last night was a complete Joke, blocking was brutal, I dont know what they were doing out there they looked lost.

  2. Maas V.S. Chang......I was excited when Maas came,and after alst year i gave him the benefit of the doubt regarding his injury,but after these last 2 games, i'm tired of hearing ppl say maas still deserves a chance, hes lost it! I've been excited abotu Chang since he got here and all i've heard about him even b4 we aquired him...but as for yesterdays game..2 things point to why CHANG should start next game

  • each threw and interception so that cancels out
    -neither coudl get into the endzone,so that cancels out
    -BUT Maas cant get us past the Toronto 45 yardline,..but Chang was able 2 get us to there 3 yard line,and if Dickerson woulda held on 2 the ball, he woulda had a touchdown, Maas couldnt get 1st downs at all and thats the main thing. Chang was able to move the chains, and thats what u ask of ur QB.

Therefore Chang can move the chains beter than maas, therefore Chang should be starting and get Maas out of here. Chang is just as good as Maas if not better, so why not develop him into the QB every1 says hes going to be, and dont tlel me oh hes a rookie...just look 2 yrs ago at Printers, if a rookie is better thana veteran so be it, start the rookie!

One last obvservation...last week we had liek 15 dump off passes, yesterday we had...1-2?! Whats witht hat it worked last week why cut it out fo the game plan!

On a better note, the F-18s were awesome, and Cudos to us fans we were able to at least keep energy going with that Wave going around the stadium, that was awesome!

Crap just rememebed 1 last thing, we have the 2005 most valuable offensive player in Corey Holmes, can sumn1 tel me why we dont use him at all?! Makes 0 sense 2 me, put him in as slot back or something