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Hasn't answered your question?
If you think the Maas debate boils down to one play by Chang you must have your head in the sand.
Let me clarify things for you.....
Maas is the MAIN problem facing this team. He has been unable to score touchdowns or move the ball since he arrived last year. He can't read defences or see open receivers fast enough. The team is sluggish when he is on the field. His performance with and without injuries is very poor. Yet, by all accounts he is getting 300 grand a season. His lousy performance has prevailed with several coaches and co-ordinators and continues under the new regime. In short..he just does not have it as a starting QB.Yet he stays in the job. And you want to criticize the rookie Chang?
Try another question.

I think Jason Maas played OK last week. Not great, not awful, but OK. He was 17 for 24, no interceptions. No TDs either I realize. OUr offense was a bit anemic overall.

The coach felt he was the best in training camp and deserves to be the starter. I wasn't there, and I don't profess to know as much as the coach does about quarterback skills assessment. If Charlie Taaffe feels Jason is our best QB, that's good enough for me.

Maas has been a very successful QB in the past, and I hope he will be again, this season. If he has the support of the coaches and his teammates, then he has mine. The loss versus Calgary doesn't change that for me. If the coach feels Timmy Chang should start, this coming week or any other, then fine, so be it. He'll have my support in the same way Jason has it. Until then, I'm rooting for Jason to be successful and keep his role as starter. He'll do better with fan support than he will with fans bashing him. Anyone would.

If he does falter, then Chang is there and the coach will put him in. I don't subscribe to the idea that the coach will start him for extraneous reasons even if he feels he is not the best person to start. I don't think what happened last game warrants removing Jason Maas as starter. A lot of players contributed to our loss, not just Jason.

You guys might want to read Matt Dunigans thread on TSM...he suggests Maas is not fully healed and is playing using painkillers ... there is not the arm strength to go deep and stretch defences, to he should be rested to full recovery (and former form); in the meantime start Chang and "train" Williams.

I read that article and Matt has a good point. If this really is the case with Maas then he should be put on the injured reserve list. Move Chang and Williams up a notch in the depth and sign another 3rd stringer while Maas heals.

I can assure you all that he really is trying out there but he is just not being honest with us or himself about his injury. He is a true warrior and doesn't want to sit out but be really may need to.

Chang showed speed, mobility and a better arm.
I just heard Bishop's starting the next game.
Chang vs. Bishop. That would be fun!