I just saw a long thread about Maas and "supporting" him - this is not about being a Ti-Cat football fan - it is very possible to bleed black and gold and still expect the QB to actually accomplish something - he absolutely su.cked against Calgary - plain and simple - and it is ok to say so - as the starting QB he is supposed to be something special - instead he doesn't even look ordinary he looks LESS than ordinary - and he is getting the benefit of the doubt from the Coaching Staff and the fans based on things he did in the past, now the distant past - Rocky Butler didn't get this benefit and we gave away assets to get him.

I don't care how much money Maas is being paid - and I don't care what he once did in Edmonton - unless he can actually move the team on offence, unless he can actually throw the ball downfield, unless he can actually play with confidence giving the other players confidence in him than he must SIT! - otherwise the Ti-Cats will end up losing game after game as a CFL team cannot compete with no QB - KLZCat

Another one.

Here we go again. :roll:

I would give Maas the chance for one more start, against Toronto this week. If he struggles, then call up the bullpen.

The Cats can't afford an 0-3 or 0-4 start this season, and hope to make the playoffs.

Ever heard of the phrase "stating the obvious"?

At least he didn’t threaten to cancel his season’s tickets.

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Gardistan - it is not that obvious when the Ti-Cats have played him #1 all of last year and again this year and people are clamoring to "support" him - we simply can't spot all the other teams a lead on us in the standings that we can never recover from - KLZCat

Ockham - why is it that "homer" fans like you consider yourselves better fans than the fans like me who love the Cats through thick and thin but do so with objectivity? - KLZCat

Prolly cos you're not a true fan if you haven't had your season tickets since 1871.

maas gets 1 half of football to prove himself next week, or cut him....IMO.

Nooooo, Don't Start Maas. He's had way too many chances. I've been watching CFL football for a long time and I don't think I've seen a quarterback as mediocre as he's been, get as many chances as he's got. Fresh starter please.

What the heck did Chang do that was so wonderful except throw a dump pass to Lumsden who gained big yards after the catch ?? By that time Calgary had started the prevent defence and were laying off big time . If Maas throws that INT in the red zone he`s a bum , Chang gets the vote to start the next game . Please expalain this to me ??

Maas has been awful for 15 straight regular season games. A dead guy would be the fans choice to start ahead of him at the moment

You havent answered my question !!!

Actually I did. In fact I've suggested several times that Fabio Felice would be a better option. It isn't about Chang or Williams or Eakin IMO. Its about Maas and Maas alone

AHHH NOOOO , did you want him to run over and drop the ball in Ralphs hands ?? And did you want him to tap Ralph on the ass when it`s time to run across the line of scrimage on the right snap count ??

WTF are you on about. That was one bada play on everyone's part. If that was the only thing that Maas did badly you might have a point

Next week will be another day in the salt mine for Atlas ..errr..Jason
holding the world on his shoulders against the hated Argonauts

until his rookie army of Ticats..errr..Titans gets up to speed

to compete successfully with the veteran battallions of Zeus...errr..
the other more advanced teams of the Canadian Football League.

click here to see his suffering immortalized in bronze.

One play ?? How many times did Ralph go offside last season ?? You dont drop balls in the endzone and you dont go offside in the red zone !!!!! Especially your OWN END ZONE !!! Wasnt Ralph supposed to be a star ??

OK I misunderstood you. I thought you were defending Maas yet again rather than dumping on Ralph. I'm not impressed with Brock Ralph but then again I never thought of him as being more than a 5th reciever anyway. Saviour. ROTFL!!!!!!! Thats rich

How can you blame Maas and Chang for Ralphs ineptitude ?? He givs them 7 points in our endzone and he takes away 7 points in theirs . I`d say that was a pretty lousy night all the way around for Mr Ralph wouldnt you ??