Maas.....much improved....

Well...preseason this now history.
And I must say that Jason looked a lot cooler..under fire last night..than at any other time.. from last season. Very much improved.
That's all my books.
Butler....on the other hand...sure didn't show any reason...why he was worth the trade. I think he played the team, to be honest.
Williams...I think will be staying at the number #3.

Chang will move up to the number #2 spot.
The win wasn't very pretty....but when the starting roster is set....there is on dought we are going to have a team...that can play...and win this year. :thup: :thup:

the first outting by maas had my booing lol along with every1 else but he made up for it later on. he looks a alright. not great though

Maas played ok. He had the one big play to Alston, but other than that, it was Chang who won them the game at the end with his drive to the winning field goal. But lets face it, if that's as good as we get with Maas we're in for another long painful season. Quite honestly, the game lacked tempo wih Maas in there. No, it was downright boring until Chang came in with 5 minutes to go and won it. Maas couldn't deliver the W again when the ball was in his hands. And that's the plain truth.

had my booing lol along with every1 else but he made up for it later on. he looks a alright. not great though
I thought he looked good and managed the offense well. Seemed much more comfortable.

Why would you boo our starting QB in a home pre-season game? (He doesn't come on here and boo your spelling :slight_smile: just kidding).

There is reason to be upbeat with Maas, Chang, Butler and/or Williams giving us depth at QB to keep pushing each other all year so lets support the black and gold.

Maas is back.

He's got zip on the ball that he did not have last year.

More importantly, it looks like he has his confidence back.

He's my starter. Chang is easily a number two who, given a little time, is a starter in this league.

He's my starter. Chang is easily a number two who, given a little time, is a starter in this league.
Agreed and Chang has a chance to be a very good one for a long time for us.

Maas looked quite good. There was a still a little bit of a wobble on a few of the deep balls, but he was throwing much better overall.

How long do you think it will be until Maas is injured again? Chang steps on the field and wins the game and people here are heralding Maas? For what??? There's no hestitation in my mind to start Chang based on the better camp. It won't happen because of politics, but it would be the right thing to do based on pure merit.

Maas put us ahead with his TD drive.

Butler and Williams were ineffective and lost the lead.

Maas atarted the comeback that allowed Chang to set us up with a very short drive that lead to a game winning field goal.

IMO, Maas won us the game, not Chang.

Chang did not inherit this win from Maas. Chang was on the field when the ball sailed through the uprights is all that matters to me. The only difference between Chang and Maas is they can both move the ball at times, but Chang delivers the points.

Fact is the team was down by more than a field goal until Maas came in and put Chang in a postiion to win it. Make no mistake. I’m impressed with Chang, but the fact remains he had short drives that led to easy field goals. The first one was a game situation that was set up by Maas who fixed the mess left by Butler and Williams. The first field goal was practically set up by Maas’s comeback, and the second field goal was set up by an easy interception that led to excellent field position once again.

Gold star for Chang leading us to two easy field goals that lead to the win. Bigger gold star to Maas for doing the hardwork to get us out of the hole.

Well said Captain....
I have been one of the loudest....against Maas.
I did want to see how Jason...improved under Taaffe.
Let's not forget...last season...the whole team was under 'Rookie" much as I have great respect for Greg Mashall...he was in way over his head...and Paopao"s Offence...did not work in B.C. or Ottawa and we saw it did not work in Hamilton.
Chang...will no dought be the long term QB for this club...providing " the powers to be " lock him up..under the future years to come.
Make no mistake...Chang has what it takes....
But...Maas has the experiance...and a proven performer in the C.F.L. Working with this...first-class coaching staff that Hamilton now has...don't be surprised...if Taaffe uses a 2 QB he did back in Montreal. Ham and Calvio.
The days of living or dieing with your number #1 QB in Hamilton.....are long gone.... :thup: :thup:

Penalties are what moved the ball not Chang. He is a good QB but you can't sit there and say Maas didn't deliver. He moved the ball made some great throws and posted a TD. He also gave the ball to Lumsden nicely for the run game. He managed the offence well.

To all the Maas supporters.....
Chang has shown us more good, exciting quarterbacking in two exhibition games than Maas has shown since he arrived last season.
Chang and Williams are the future. Maas is coming to the end of his career.
With the offensive line protection he had last night, Maas should have had a much easier time than he showed. He should have had many more completed passes.
Can we please stop making excuses for this guy? The only reason he is the starting QB is because he had that job last year so he gets the benefit of the doubt.
In my opinion he needs to do a heck of a lot better to keep the starting QB's job. Also the offence seems to work better with Chang on the field. Unless there is some drastic improvement by Maas I think he will be a backup by October.

If Maas did what Chang did last night you'd be crying "Maas cant fininsh off drives we shouldnt be settling for field goals instead of TDs."

Your opinions are not only wrong they're meaningless.

Want the opinion of someone's views which actually matter?

"I said from the first day I was hired Jason is the starting quarterback.He has to perform and produce and he's done that. I havnt seen anyone that's overtaken him."

Charlie Taaffe Head coach, Hamilton Tiger-Cats. June 23 2007 AD.

So take the matter up with him. I'm certain he'll be fascinated with your insights on quarterbacking.

Yes he has improved since last season! in a Vanilla pre season game thats all! big deal! we will see next week under real war conditions how Mr Maas and his new found health can win a real game and if he is worth 350,000 a year! :cowboy:

Yes he has improved since last season! in a Vanilla pre season game thats all! big deal! we will see next week under real war conditions how Mr Maas and his new found health can win a real game
Nobody argues that its just pre-season. But if Charlie named him the starter as he has than lets support the decision (and a HC who is known for his work with QBs). I understand skepticism but not the tone like people are rooting against him or any of our guys.

To your last point also, he won the game against Calgary to get them to the 05 Grey Cup so I think he has won "real" games before.

Go Ticats!

Maas played better than he did for almost all of 2006 but he still doesn't look anything like the Maas of the Eskimos. He still looks disoriented out there much of the time and is still too inconsistent. His passes were more on target last night but he missed a few as well. OK, let him start the season but Chang has shown that he can play. There seemed to be more of a north-south orientation to his game which is how you consistently put points on the the board.

An Argo-Cat fan

Starting With Chang is a HUGE MISTAKE
With NO Real Game Experience He would be our Downfall.
I like Timmy But starting with Him Means 0-5
We have Tought 1st Half

Maas Give us the best Shot to win.
He is Healthy at 90%
Charlie Offence is Special
Jason Can Run it well.

If Maas Falters only Then we Put in Chang in.
But not till then.


Thanks for the advice...but I'll sticking with my opinions until after the first few games of the regular season. If I need to change my mind then I will. Will you?