Maas = Mistake

The trade/signing of Jason Maas is the death knell of the Ti-Cats. I'm sick and tired of that guy, after almost every loss say, that is was his fault and he takes responsibility for the loss/his mistakes. Jason do you think that because you admit your faults that everything is forgiven/forgotten? Your bravado doesn't impress us, what we care about are results and you ain't delivering the mail buddy! Instead of taking the blame, you should do something about the losses, but it appears you simply don't have what it takes! Maybe you cannot handle the pressure placed on you and your shoulders aren't so big! No fans, the Ti-Cats made a tactical error at the Renegade dispersal draft. Hamilton should've selected Kerry Joseph, a more prototypical CFL QB, and traded Maas. We could've signed Keith Stokes via free agency to fill punt/kick return duties. Quote the Vampiro, nevermore! :twisted:

I respectfully disagree. To much talent has come to Hamilton and under acheived. The coaching and overall team attitude has been terrrible. We have enough talent on this team to be competitve it is just painful to see how it is being used.

It appears that way Vampiro, but maybe time will tell and Maas will get "comfortable" :lol: here. Both Maas and Joseph aren't great starting qb's I'm thinking though, good but not great.

First thing we should do is have Maas run with the ball a few times at the beginning of each game to get him into the game sort of speak and his head where it should be, this might also get him more "comfortable". This word is going to be used like gel - we just need time to "gel". :lol:

"Anytime I felt like I could see a guy open, I couldn't make the throw for some reason," Maas said. "It's extremely frustrating to me and I'm sick to my stomach about it and I'm sure a lot of people are and I don't blame them. I have big shoulders, I can take this and it's all on me."

maas knows the problem is his inaccuracy.

kerry joseph > jason maas....stats prove it.

No way ,Jason is stuggling yes.

Kerry (I run first) Joseph is hurt again in Sask .
He's hurt every year at about mid season because he's a running QB without using the option of going down,sliding or stepping out of bounds avoiding hits IMO.

He's a middle linebacker running over people and he gets hurt .

Pretty talented guy otherwise,hurt again .

It's those new uniforms I tell ya.

Then go cheer for the Argos.

atleast he'll be cheering during the

Maas is terrible and you all know it. Open your eyes

We need Danny McManus to turn around the season. Then, the interceptions will stop!

Maas is fine.

It’s starting to smell a lot like the AC saga in Hamilton. You remember he was run out of town, went to the Al’s and became a superstar.

I continue to believe that the Ti-cats were given a damaged qb. Ever since his shoulder surgery after '04, he hasn't looked the same playing many games in a row. Maas is a great qb IMO, but only when he is not injured or trying to tough it up and play through an injury. Maas is not durable enough to be a starter in this league, IMO. He would be fantastic in a "shared role" qb system, where he plays not much more than 50% of the games in the season. This would allow him time to get over any injuries he has, and to lower the amount of injuries he gets.
Or maybe he's sandbagging it, so the ticats release him and he can go back to the eskimos, and live in his home in sherwood park. :smiley:

Danny Mac would thrive in this offence. It is based on 2-10 yard patterns, better achieved by a QB with the quick release of Danny.

Maas was actually waiting for his receivers to turn around yesterday, then he'd throw the ball. There was a white jersey there everytime. McManus used to throw the ball before the receiver made his turn.

Call me crazy, but I don't think we'd be in this position with DMac.

I agree. Maas has shown himself to be a good pro QB and he's way too young to have lost it so quickly. It's way too early to give up on him. As I've said before, apart from Vaughan his receivers aren't up to scratch and Vaughan's not the consistent go-to guy he was a few years back. From where I sat last night, the receivers downfield were often covered and Maas had to eat the ball, throw it away or force it into coverage. His O-line is average or a bit below. Ranek is a good productive back. Radlein is ok but could be improved upon (they should've picked up Dedrick for a looksee when he was released). The coaching is awful. I think the players aren't good enough but they don't compete either. They strut and swagger coming out of the tunnel but they roll over when the going gets tough. The coaches aren't getting maximum production out of these players. Nor do they seem to have much by way of a gameplan let alone make adjustments to it as the game goes along.

Maas isn't blameless but it's not entirely his fault they haven't scored a single offensive point in 2 home games.

An Argo fan

Joseph didn't do to well in Ottawa without talent around him. It's a team game, we need a go to receiver really bad, worse than a junkie needs his fix. Even T.V in his prime was never a go to guy, or aguy who would attract double teams to free up other players.

It's starting to smell a lot like the AC saga in Hamilton. You remember he was run out of town, went to the Al's and became a superstar.

J Shooter you are so right.
Jason just has to be up front with us and himself about his injuries we want him around a long time.
Jason you will always be #1 in my books.
Please take care. pat_cat

Hey Fletch-17 what is your problem man? I’m a true Ti-Cat fan and your response is insulting. However, you are probably a high-school drop out, who smokes menthol butts and has a few teeth missing so why would I expect more? Go have another brew loser.

Listen, say what you want but Maas hasn’t performed to expectations. All you fans out there who let their emotion and loyalty cloud their judgement are living in la-la land. Hamilton has a good group of recievers, an good QB - make that two - and an excellent fullback so there are no excuses there. The theory that more time is needed is bogus - what hell is training camp for and we’re about half-way through the season! No, if the Ottawa Renegade/Roughriders come back next season, Hamilton should expose Maas in the expansion draft and hope that Ottawa assumes Maas’ contract, then the Ti-Cats can resume their search for a new QB, maybe Buck Pierce or Casey Printers if he doesn’t pan out in the NFL.

As it is written, as it will be - quote the Vampiro from parts unknown. :twisted: