Maas may be going to TO

What is this that I hear the Maas might be going to Toronto :frowning: . All that I heard is what is on the front page.

he is actually on the verge of getting traded to the hamilton Tiger cats

Hamilton is the only place other than Edmonton that Maas would be good in… also mabe Mtl…

He’s still healing coming off the surgery.

I wonder what they would get for him?

Does he have a no trade clause…

TO picked Bishop up, so rthey wont be interested in him, and HAM is not gonna go after Maas when he’s injured, so he’s not getting traded til later in the year.

It would be so great to see mass traded as he is a choke job. He has great skills, but he loses his temper and he starts to panic and he starts rushing things and throwing pics. Get rid of him as we have Ray and Khari and I think that Jason Johnson will be better than both ray and khari.

i say dump khari while we can still get a half ass player for him because i was so dissapointed in him… very predictable and he overall did bad. but ya i’m just hoping mass stays cuz i only got his jersey like half a year ago :frowning:

I like Maas. He’s got a fiery temper, but so did Dunigan.

Khari got the job done, but his playing was pretty ugly in that first game against the Bombers. After seeing what Johnson could do I think Khari is the most expendable one now.

Maybe Maas can go to Calgary and coach then. I don’t know any team that would give even a broken kicking tee for Jones. He’s done. If a team wants to give him a try, just wait til the Esks cut him. I can’t imagine Edmonton keeping him on as 4th stringer at that salary. Oh, I forgot, the Esks are rich and the salary cap isn’t enforced, so maybe they will.

actualy untill he is fit to play insureance is paying his salary. So he is not costing the Eskimos a thing to keep him around.

where did you hear that at?

if they trade him now then the eskimo franchise needs a couple hits on the head to knock some sence into them… maaas won’t leave

–I think you have to look at when that was posted. June 2nd I believe, way before Khari was released. Of coure they won’t trade him now, you’re responding to an old topic.

I think it was TSN, but I’m not to sure. It was a couple of weeks ago.

Maas is staying in Edmonton.

With Jones gone now, Maas will be staying in Edmonton. You guys will have a great 1-2 punch in the QB department Now!