Maas-Maciocia conspiracy theory

I’m bored with the Cats, so I thought I should throw this out there…

Doesn’t it seem weird that Mass & Maciocia talk at least once every week? I have a sneaking suspicion that because Mass’ heart lies in Edmonton—-his wife, daughter, & buddy Maciocia—-he may be putting on a masterpiece by playing the tragic hero. He was brilliant in Edmonton, and for some unknown supernatural reason, this brilliant player can no longer complete passes beyond 10 yards. A mystery, or a conspiracy to get traded back to Edmonton?

The ultimate question, therefore, is whether his hissyfits are overreacting, or overacting.

I actually don’t believe this to be true, but as I said, I’m bored and I need something to keep me interested with this team. But I tell you, if I see more buddy-buddy stuff from Maas with the opposition tonight, I’ll lose all respect for him. I have been giving Maas the benefit of the doubt, but tonight may be the night where I change my opinion. It will tell me that even if he takes his job as a football player seriously, he does not take his job as a Tiger-Cat seriously.

I hope I’m wrong.



If we bet ED these next two games Maciocia will probaly get fired and we can bring him in to be with Maas. :roll:

oooh I like this idea!!

So you’re saying Maas has purposely tanked all year long so he can go back to Edmonton? I like conspiracies! :smiley:

like the ticats sent lumsden down to the minors knowing he'd be back soon for the playoff drive. it's all a conspiracy.