Maas, Lancaster, or a new qb?

Who should play qb?

casey printers

Nobody is suggesting anyone better, or attainable.

Maas is pretty solid, lets fly with him, and build an offence around him.

Payton Manning

exactly, give bc some draft picks, ranek, and a non-import, and sign printers ASAP, offer printers 400K and name him starter ASAP. Offer him anything wants, give him free housing and a car, just get him in uniform for labour day.

Maas belongs as tghe QB! Why are Hamilton fans so impatient at that position. We chased Calvillo out of here and looked how that came back. Maas has potential to be great, he just needs receivers that can catch, and an o-line that gives him more that two seconds. It is hard to throw a good ball when the defence is past the o-line before the receivers can get 5 yards upfield.

Tim Rattey

so who is the blame for maas inability to throw? the recievers who can't catch? or the o-line that doesn't give maas time to throw the ball to recievers who have not gone 5 yards? I think Maas just can't throw the I KNOW Maas can't throw the ball...get it through your head! Maas is garbage!

I think you mean Tim Rattay? he is currently signed by the best NFL team the Tampa Bay Buccaneers!

to be honest even printers would not look good in hamilton right now. it would hurt his market value until the line and receivers are improved.