Maas just paid to be a donkey

So, Maas and Reilly thought they were above the league. then Maas had to pay a fine, never heard if Reilly had to, not sure why he wouldn't after blatantly refusing a league mandate, which was agreed to by their employers.

Now they are getting miked up anyways.

congrats to the two donkeys and their worthless arrogance.

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There will have to be a lot of bleeping out of Maas's potty vocabulary. :slight_smile:

As per the CFL/CFLPA agreement, players can opt out of being wearing a microphone so Reilly doesnt have to, but it makes him look like an arse because other players did it.

As for Maas, who is $15k lighter in the wallet, its dance for the public or no coaching in the playoff game.

Karma. Jason Maas clearly not happy but he's earned this. If they would have worn them earlier they wouldn't be in this situation now.