Maas is the Man

We as ticat fans are going through a bad season, but lets stop trying to run every Qb out of town. We done it to Dmac who is one of the best football players i have ever met, with all the problems the last few years he still loves Hamilton. Lets all give Maas time, he has won in all the places he has played. This is a bad year for him, we all have this happen at one point of our lives. Keep the heads held high, back the team (i know this is hard).

Offense rarely takes one season to install... you can revamp a defense in a year<ex: Winnipeg> but it usually takes longer for an offense... we have a tough proud qb in maas with a work ethic that is second to none... all anyone has to do is look around the league this year.... we're not the only team with a new quarter back and offensive woes.... maybe the only team with coaching leadership lacking enough to play him when he's hurt though(what string was Joseph last night?) I should expect as much from an organization that signs Ranek.......and then trades away their #1 disspersal pick for another running back....I wonder how Cavil will do in winnipeg?

no mass shouldnt be our man. he is playing injured and is suckin. we should be giving eakin and williams reps.

ctrl+alt+delete? Then reboot? Cause this offence seems frozen.

Maas is not the problem, he has just had bad luck, right when he was having his best game of the year against Montreal was when he suffered his hip pointer, now he has a torn ab muscle. The guy is a tough competitor who deserves to be treated better by the fans. Danny didn’t even take half the abuse Maas has taken this year.