Maas is the man

Interesting to me that the rumblings about Maas have gotten to the coaches ear. WHo says they dont read the papers?


Everyone is freakin for Eakin

And then when he does something wrong you will all be screaming for a trade or something else.

You can not keeping switching stuff up. You have a system keep with it and make it work.

Maas is the man!

Yes exactly but home many games will it take to "Make it work"

He fits into the steel town attitude just like Matt Dunigan did for that little while. I would really like to see Maas be our starter till he retires many years from now.

The TiCats would be crazy to even contemplate sitting Maas for anyone else on the team unless they find themselves at 1-12 or worse. The litmus test of a player's worth is if you put him on waivers, would any other team claim him. My guess is yes, most CFL teams would---even the Als. The team's problems this season can't all be blamed on Maas. Too often, the receivers can't get open or hang on to the ball. The O-line is pretty good at pass defence but not so good at establishing the running game which would've helped Maas. The running backs haven't been all that great at establishing the run either.

Give the guy a chance. It's still early days!!

An Argo fan

I think perhaps that people are looking for the changes that we have seen in other area's ( ie: coaching, RB's, line and DB's ).

This latest article in the paper may be exactly what it says..." Lancaster is trying to keep Maas positive ".

I for one have called for our coaching staff to use "ALL THE WEAPONS".

If Maas struggles , I would not be surprised to see Eakin brought in...after all..that is what he is there for! :wink:

If he struggles, yes, Eakin can come in. But this isn't exactly a revelation, same thing happened last year just down the road in Buffalo where Losman was benched after a while. And happens everywhere for that matter.

If you were to keep switching things up every week then nothing will work. Like if you plant a seed and then dig it up the next day and plant another, just because the first wasn't working.

MAAS' stats last game 26 for 37 and 240 yards 0 ints. Yes we better sit him and fast.


Why are people hitting the panic button? We are 5 games in we haven't even played our best football yet, made a ton of huge mistakes. Yes we are 1 and 4 but look at the rest of the league. Except for Montreal everyone is pretty much .500. And Montreal hasn't been that impressive. Yes their win last week was a blowout but only thanks to a horrible game by Winnipeg.

I for one believe in Maas. I love his intensity. He was the first guy on the field jumping up and down when our defence made the goal line stand last week. As long as he is composed in the huddle and at the line it is all good. His confidence will come but bashing him is not going to help. He can do it he showed it in Edmonton last year.

We can go 8-10 for all I care just make the playoffs that's all that matters.

Well that and Labour Day!!LOL

Remember Maas is Boss

Thank you. :thup: :slight_smile:

Maas is the boss!

EAKIN :thup: :thup: :thup:

While Ron Lancaster makes good sense to confirm to the media that Jason Maas is the number one Ticat quarterback, it is almost equally important to make sure that the number two quarterback is given enough preparation to be ready when called into action. One hopes that Kevin Eakin will be ready if and when the need arises.

Dance with the girl (or QB) you brought.

Simple isn't it? Mass IS Boss.

I think it is time to let the young man play. Maas needs to have a rest. Collect himself and come back in a couple games. I think Eakin is the QB of the future but Maas is the the man right now. :rockin:

You can add a blue L on the rear cheeks as well for Weeks 7 and 8 .

Maas is getting better every game. This is good.

OH REALLY...well let's think about that...he was hired as a leader, a starter,a "gunslinger"!

Well here we are 5 games later and he hasn't won a game (Oh I know the team has a win). Our kicker and our "D" has put up more points!

Eakin got a couple of starts...he produced...sorry, I'm disapointed with Maas performance so far! We are talking about Maas, Right??? Eakin if he performed like that...maybe I could say ,yea, he is a rookie here, he will get better! :roll: