Maas is the Man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I said he earned a start next game. I think its bad for our fuure but Maas earned next weeks game

let's take a game at a time , remember i did agree with you that i'm not sold on maas on a one game merit. i'm actually looking forward to him to improve each game and if he doesn't continue to produce along with the teams improvement, then i too don't want to jeopardize anything good going on.
we both can agree that we both want the cats to keep winning whatever it takes.

Yes we can. Careful now your agreeing with me may make you one of the negatives that must be ridiculed without paying attention to what is being said.

it's all good.
go cats go!

Never thought I would ever say this but...Maas played a very good game last night. And look what happened!
Looks like Charlie is getting through to him.
Great play calling by the coaches..extraordinary effort by the defence..Jesse was a goes on.
One more thing...bring back Robbie the Tiger for the Labour Day game :slight_smile: .

Congratulations Jason. You played an excellent game, showed real spirit and determination, and executed the game plan consistently. I'm looking forward to more of the same against the Eskimos next week.

That`s the point argo , your always negative . i really really believe you want them to lose so you can wax profetic about how they should sit Maas on the bench .

The guys made catches , big deal , thats their job . Ricky Ray , and the rest of the QBs in the CFL get those catches on a weekly basis. Ours are just starting to get the fact that this is thier job . He layed the ball in perfect on at least 2 tds . Does any QB in football have moments in a game where they arent perfect ?? I believe so !!! Get off his back and enjoy the win and lets talk about the great potential we have in our offence !!!!

I'm not Jason's biggest fan. Never was , probably never will be, but I give credit where it is due, and Jason has definitely stepped it up the last few games. He's throwing the ball downfield instead of constantly to the flats, he's scrambling well, and on most occasions, he gets rid of the ball to avoid the sack. You can see the fire in his eyes burning a little brighter now and it's good to see. Of course, the receiving corps has stepped up their game as well, going after the ball, catching in traffic and fewer drops. Even Brock is stepping up. Did you see the block he made on jessies second TD ? Or the sliding tackle on Hebert ( ok, I know he's not Zeke ), but he made a great effort and made the play.
The whole team has more bounce in their step and rightly so.....
Stop taking the bad penalties and I'm sure we'll be in the playoff race !!!

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Agreed!! At least this game, Maas was more help than hindrance to the win. I still saw things in Maas's game that trouble me but a win is a win. There have been good teams built around very average QBs when the rest of the team is sound. Maybe that will describe the Cats too.

An Argo-Cat fan

ANY QB CAN HAND-OFF..... Get Real People! :roll: :wink:

3 short passing TD's...FINALLY! And 2 of them "great catches"!

How did I just "Know" that "Mass apologists" would call this a Great Game? :roll:

He played a decent game! NOT GREAT!

His supporting staff were the Great Ones! (Lumsden, Armour and co. on "D" etc.) The receivers really worked for everything they got! :thup:

"Working" is the real genius in this win if you were to ask me!

He sent in plays to let Jason use the weapons on the field!

The WIN was the most important "stat" and I hope Jason's arm strenght improves!

Again...nice job by the "OC" :thup: :thup:

maas is managing this offence and as we go along in this season it will continue to improve as the team starts learning how to win as a team and we use all our weapons.
besides lumsden running well, the oline blocking great and the receivers getting in sync. maas is also distributing the ball to all his receivers and making the right reads, just wait until we start getting holmes involved more.
the leadership jason is showing cannot be overlooked.

This is a 'Maas is the man' thread.

IMO, comments like "Any QB can Hand off?"
to describe the performance any QB

who managed a struggling team's Offence
to it's first victory is uncalled for.

Maas executed the whole Offence.

Jason made his reads and threw strikes last night.

His receivers were in sync with him and got open.

I know you enjoyed the victory, woody.

And most of us know it is a team game.

Praise who you will, Lumsden, Armour and co. on "D" etc.)

but you keep downplaying Jason's efforts
the Timmy Chang crowd may get their way

we will have a rookie air traffic
controller at the controls, woody.

and a rookie QB handing the ball off
with a blitzing team an 8-10 defenders
in the box will stifle anyone's offence.

What bait are you using to troll, woody?

Your comments are (as RFTT said) uncalled for.

Why can you not be happy for a win? Especially the way the team did it?

I'm going to give you a friendly piece of advice that I learned from experience. When someone plays well who has been struggling, starting a positive thread on this site only opens it up for people to point out how it's a fluke and how badly he played in the past. That's the nature of the beast around here.

That being said, I think Maas played very and (wait for it) I have to disagree with AC about him panicking. Apart from that one intentional grounding call, I think Maas showed poise and was able to avoid the sack for a big loss a couple of times. He hit the receivers right on and 16/21 for 220 yards is not too shabby, especially when the running game was working so well. He was able to mix it up and scramble a few times too.

What a load of claptrap, you didn't bother to read my posts and commented that they are all negative making yourself look foolish. I said Maas earned a start. The rest of your post is just so idiotic its not worth commenting on

well, well, well- i wish i had kept track of all you posters that were ragging on jason when all hell was breaking loose earlier this season so i could have
come back to you very same people now that you're proclaiming he's the man. you are the very same people who, if given the opportunity to confront jason during those trying times, would probably have cowered and told him he's awesome just cause you didn't have the balls to tell him how you really felt. you all know this to be the truth even though hamiltonians always pride themselves on being roughnecks. sure,it's pretty easy to call him every name in the book on this forum but i don't think any one of you would call him those names if he was right in front of you. jason's a great teammate and an even better person.if i were all you fans that are lucky enough to go to the next home game, you better get off your collective asses and give him the ovation he've got your starting quarterback and i'm laughing at the fact that his name is not timmy because you were all wrong.i guess you'll all be leaving your calls for chang at the end of the bench where he'll be seen more often from here on out. way to go tiger-cats, good job.


Whats uncalled for? Just curious? Not a negative in sight. O and a great win comment too. I believe Woody did show that he's happy about the win.

Well several here have said after the game they sill don't believe Jason is the man. Most have admitted he played a decent game but that its one game and his shortcommings still seem apparent

Took a quick look at Maas's play by play for last nights game. Math might be off a bit but it looks like 35% passes 1-10 yds, 45% 10-20yds, 20% 30 and over. Pretty good night by anyone accessing a QB's performance. I saw at least 2 in the 20 to 30 that were called back by penalties. 2 dropped that probably should have been caught, 2 caught that could have been incomplete. If anyone wants to go through the play by play on the CFL site you can come up with more accurate figures. I don't understand this obsession with the long ball. It is done only maybe 4 or 5 times a game to stretch out the D, and probably is good 40 to 50% of the time. Seldom dictates the flow or the outcome of a game. Controlling the ball and marching down the field is how it is done.