Maas is the Man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maas to Lumsden again and again . Maas is our QB now no doubt! 3 td's and no picks :thup:

And he played with that fiery intensity we remember from his Edmonton days. Good to see.

Tonight, Jason was great!

The receivers stepped up -- Curry made the catch of the year so far for the team.

Now we face the Esks in Commonwealth, so I expect Maas to build on this.

I'm not going to go delirious about Maas being the QB for all time etc. etc. He has to keep playing like this. Finishing drives is the baseline for a QB to win in this league. I am very encouraged by the result tonight. :wink:

1-5 is a start, but this team needs to get past the penalty bug to make consistent progress in the win column. Maas showed a lot of poise this evening and he got the job done. QB production is the most important basis for any sustained turnaround!

Oski Wee Wee,

I also liked the coach's decisiveness...

Karikari blows one play early, so down he sits and Beveridge comes in at safety (and played well I thought).

One O lineman (Cheron) blows an attempted takeout of Barrin Simpson leading to a sack, so he sits and Dyakowski comes in. Then another o-lineman screws up (Goodard?) and he was sat down and someone else came in (sorry I forget).

I like that.....screw up and down you sit.

It's always a good thing when MAAS takes off
and runs. he seems tobe more in the game.

Maas was average. WHAT AN IMPROVEMENT!!!!!!!!

I'm not sold on him and he definitely still panicked tonight on a couple of occasions that could have cost us dearly. That said he's earned a start for the first time in 2 years.

Amd then Karikari steps in at corner and played very well. What a pro!

Maas, like the team, played very well and minimized mistakes.

As the team goes, so goes the QB and vice versa.

Doesn't hurt the QB when you only have to hand off

And toss the ball on the money in the redzone.

he managed the offence well just like last week.
it's more than just passing and running the ball.
one particular play i noticed was the hot read he made in which gardner dropped the ball, things like that don't fall into the stats.
confidence is a huge part of this.

This week he managed the game, last week he manged to lose the game. Lets face facts Maas only managed to do the simple stuff in the red zone one game this year. Last week he mucked uo 3 TD plays. This week he didn’t

76% Commpletion rate. That is not average. That is excellent

(Woulda been 80% if Gardner didn't drop that pass that him him right in the hands)

That's only excellent in the context of the plays run and his abilities to run them. Short game is excellent, mid range game improved to average and the long game still need improvement. BTW the receivers continue to make bad passes catchable and therefore make an average QB look good. It actually works both ways. Earlier in the year they weren't making those catches and making an average QB look pathetic

Maas played well not, outstanding and his recievers made great catches on some underthrown balls,but the real reason he looked "good " was that Jessie Lumsden ran like a man possessed tonight.Without Lumsden's effort Jsaon Maas's play would not have been enough for our first victory!

yeah lumsden played awesome no doubt and the main reason we won.but maas was on the money tonight 3 times in the red zone and going into this game that is what i heard as maas' biggest failure.

Argoconvert please get off this sight. You obviously are an un athletic guy who doesn't play sports. Although I am not a Maas fan I think he played excellent. He went 16/21 (76%) with 3 TDS and 220 yards. I'm not worried about long bombs; I worry about victories. Thats the bottom line. You must be Timmy Chang in disguise. 5

Who's to say that Maas wouldn't have had more if Lumsden didn't finish those runs?

And if we'd had kept Etcheverry in the nixed Faloney deal we would have won four straight Cups and... :wink:

Oski Wee Whatever,


Wow. Just wow. You are entitle to your football opinion but really