Maas is the Bust!

Let's face it...he looks like a rookie out there! Get Eakin or Williams in there Now!

There is no excuse for this. Maas doesn't have the arm or the legs or even any accuracy!

Nor the football sense. Did you see how he just threw a slow lob in the end zone when they were on the Argos 10 yards line? What kind of stupid throw was that? Why would you risk a pick when you have a garanteed 3 points if you fail? It was almost his fourth interception of the game. He was lucky Bonner dropped it.

Well today I went to watch a CFL game today and an NFL game broke out! What is this 11 to 9 crap? If Maas can not get the job done try someone else. It seems that the receivers just quit on this team. They should sit too! And I have to tell you the Argos were not much better! It looks very real that the Eskies will at worst get a cross over. Bombers need to take it to the Riders tomorrow or they can watch the Eskies take their playoff chance away.

Haha red.. I don't know about that.

They have to win these next two games first, which definately isn't a guarantee.

Yeah.. something doesn't look right with Maas. Could it be personal? His family is basically the whole way across the country back in Edmonton.

He's just not the same quarterback I've seen the past couple years.

That short pass to a wide open DJ Flick near the end of the game was absolutely painful to watch. The Jason Maas I watched in Edmonton would have made that long pass 9 out of 10 times…something is definately wrong.

If he can't make a decent long throw to Flick, he doesn't deserve to be in a professional football league. Unless he has an injury which can heal in due time. But bad, very bad.

if he isnt healed by next season, do u think the cats will cut him, or keep playing a bum QB?

If nothing changes i can't honestly see them not finding someone else this season.

If he really is injured why do they keep playing him? There season is practically over anyways so what are they gaining?

I agree. He's gone from playing at the level of Dickenson in '04 to Nealon Greene this year. It's very weird.

The 'Cats are also at each other's throats. You could see it in the last game, they're always arguing with each other, ignoring each other, or dis-respecting each other. No team can win a thing without team coherence.