Maas is terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow. A 3rd string quarterback makes Jason Maas look like a rookie. How come Maas is left in so long?? What a terrible performance. How discouraging for those loyal Hamilton fans. They deserve better. How sad!!

We've already known this for a while now...

His arm must be really shot now after torching the esks two weeks in a row on pure adrenaline...I think its hanging by half a tendon...

There's been lots of suggestion that Maas is playing hurt. But if so, why play him? In most regular season games, a healthy player will outplay an injured player.

On the other hand, for reasons unknown to me, Hamilton has a habit of turning above average and exceptional players into mediocre players. Hamilton has a numebr of good players. They just don't seem to translate into a good team on a consistent basis.

why play him?...cuz theyre payin him tons of cash to be the starter, and they hyped him up like crazy b4 the season...they dont want some 3rd string no-namer taking his spot and making the organization look foolish for trading for maas.


Maas could be the latest example of players who leave the Eskimos' ample bosom and become shells of what they used to be. Examples abound.. Ted Milian (a good backup centre in Edm.. sent to Cgy, fired a snap over punter's head in last game of season.. a muff which put EE in playoffs); Terry Ray.. bestrode the CFL like a colussus in green and gold; sent to Wpg, then vanished; Darrel Crutchfield - a shutdown corner in Edmonton; a ham-n-egger in Montreal; Jeff Braswell.. intimidator in Alta capital; self-parody in Ottawa; Damion Lyons.. sensation in Edmonton; ordinary in BC; ShalonBaker.. rookie phenom little WR in Edmonton.. bust in BC. I'm sure there are more examples; sometimes Edm gets rid of a guy at the right time.. but otherwise, once an Eskie leaves the team and its superiority complex,well.. truly, once and Eskmo.. (although there was Willard Reaves.. Wpg got him before EE found out how great he was.. once every 23 years, one is entitled to a player-personnel goof

turkeybend wrote:
Wow. A 3rd string quarterback makes Jason Maas look like a rookie.

Very true, sad but very true.

maas doesnt have the players around him to make that team better,they play like a division 3 college team..maybe if the owners spend some money then maybe things should turn around,but until then what u see is what you get.....

How can you forget John Avery...

Does Mike Pringle count too? I hear he did alright after he was rejected by the Esks.

John Avery was doing good this season till he got hurt, and Mike Pringle ended his career in Green and Gold.

Yeah, but it's not too hard to argue that EE missed out on some of Pringle's best years (like, try 10 of them)

True enough, but they did also get a few good years out of him.. the Evil Empire knew when they made a mistake, and paid to fix it.