Maas is really struggling

Boy, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to see that Maas is really struggling out there. He's proven his abilities but right now he has no confidence running the offence. He seems to be very tentative on throwing the ball downfield for some reason. Even when receivers are open he can't seem to find them, or if he does he can't hit them. Maybe he still has some nagging injury that's hurting him. Anyway I think you have to give Eakin more reps in practice and play him. Take the pressure of Maas for a while and let him heal up.....hopefully he can regain his confidence. If we cannot throw the ball down field, we're as good as sunk. Eakin was super last year and in preseason. He came in for the one game and played me it looked like he was trying too hard in that game. He seemed to be forcing the ball in when the coverage was there. Let's not ruin his confidence too. Eakin can run and has a wicked arm on him.......take the heat of Maas and play Eakin.....When Maas is ready we can bring him back. :cowboy:

just my two cents worth :cowboy:

no sh!t Sherlock.
your just figuring this out now?
It's Tuesday. :slight_smile:

...of week 8. :slight_smile:

Don't get me wrong, I think Eakin has a real future in this league, but he played well in games that really didn't mean a thing. Wins at the tail end of a lost season and in the pre-season against the Argos vanilla defence aren't very indicative of what he can do.

Though if it would help Maas by taking a few games off to rest, I would support Eakin. But to think he is an upgrade is a bit of a stretch. I do remember seeing him underthrow two receivers that ended up as bad INT's against the Bombers with that arm some on this site describe as "way stronger then Maas'"


At this point Eakin would be an upgrade over Maas who is a backup QB at his best.

agreed, jason feels most comfortable at second string, clearly, and eakin is dieing to be a starter in this league, and i feel if that was how it was the whole year eakins number owuld be awsome, and so would out record.

my two cents:)

Any D coordinator in the league would be 'dieing' to go up against Eakin after watching film of his Winnipeg start. Any q.b who locks onto his receivers and forces balls into coverage the way Eakin does is not going to last long in this league.

If Maas's confidence is shot I don't want Eakin to play to see where his confidence is at.

The problem is our offensive coordinator is trying to make Maas play PaoPao football instead of Jason Maas football

Yeah, it really is more suited for scrambling q.b's like Damon Allen and Joseph.