Maas is getting lousy protection in the pocket. When guys are swinging around the outside constantly and hammering him it's hard to have confidence. I noticed three times that he was watching the corners and not his recievers, waiting for the hit. This will take any QB right off his game. He has no faith in his blockers and I can't say I blame him since he has the shortest sustained pocket in the league. The bickering between the Ti Cat players isn't helping much either. I noticed alot of beaking off at team mates in this last game. The fustration is really showing with this team. They have to pull it together. Maas needs a break, I'd rest him for a game or two and play Williams. Williams needs the field time. He's fast and doesn't need the sustained pocket. Eakin is a disaster. Worst QB I've ever seen. Playing Eakin means giving the game away, he couldn't hit a barn with a beach ball at two feet. The offensive line really needs to pull themselves together. The Defensive line has done a good job in the last two games, except for that 4th quarter on Labour day, that was rather sad. As stated before, these are just my opinions but I'd start working Williams. This year is over, time to start working on next year.


WHy dont you become Maas' agent!

Hey Tiggercatfan...for the record on your assessment of Eakin not being able to hit the broad side of a barn....He did win 2 games for us last fall, AND he did place a close second in the QB challenge this year, far surpassing your Jason Maas.

He did get 1 start this year on less than a days notice, and with PaoPao's direction and without the improvements we have seen with our O-line! Let's put things in perspective, EH?

Give him , and yes, Williams , just half the prep time that Maas has had and I'm sure that they would outproduce him.

Only one way to find him starter NOW and let him prepare for our next game. sit Maas, let him heal, or sulk, or whatever he needs...heck send him home to Edmonton if that is what he needs, but don't cry for him...he's got his Grey cup ring and a nice paycheck...can't take that away from him now. It's Guaranteed!

Hey Tiggercatfan...for the record on your assessment of Eakin not being able to hit the broad side of a barn....He did win 2 games for us last fall, AND he did place a close second in the QB challenge this year, far surpassing your Jason Maas.
Maas also led his team to 2 victories in the playoffs last year and put 5000 yards up 2 years ago... SO if your logic is that Paopao's awful scheme is the reason Eakin has looked like a High School QB, wouldnt the same thing apply to Maas?

Tilt! :thdn:

Backup quarterbacks are the most popular guy in town
when they're on the sidelines. A backup can do no wrong.

Why? well, because he hasn't had the opportunity yet.

The last statement is not true in Eakins' case.
He has had opportunities to play this year.

He screwed up.

The longer it takes for a backup QB to start,
the more bloated his legend becomes.

Richie Williams was a legend for the Appalachian State University Mountaineers*

In 2005 he guided them to their first ever National Championship.

Some think someone like him can jump into the markedly different CFL
and carry on where he left off smashing records like he did in the NCAA.

In fact, when back up QBs get thrown in too soon most screw up.

Wally Buono's success with new QBs comes because he has the sense
to train them in our game for a year. [ i.e. Casey Printers et al ]

*Richie set every single-game, single-season and career record for a passer including total offence, passing yards, touchdowns, completions and attempts at Appalachian during his four years in the Black and Gold…

Did you watch the game or were you baking cookies?
Maas had more time than he needed on sooooooooooo many occasions, just coulda, shoulda, ahhh shucks! Can he cut himself? It was actually pathetic yesterday, a freakin' game for the taking and he fails to show up again! Hurt? Don't care! Get out of Hamilton Maas! Yer done here!

In the Quaterback challenge before the season started Maas was unable to throw a ball as far as the other QBs.

He has repeatedly underthrown open recievers on deep balls. Defenders know that he can’t throw more than 40yds downfield, they don’t even have to cover the deep ball.

If he is injured, he should not be playing until he is fit again.

If he is not injured, he should not be playing at all.

As well as not being able to throw deep, he can’t find open recievers, he overthrows the short ball, and he lost when he steps up into the pocket.

The O-line was bad a few games ago, but the last two games he has had time to throw and he has shown that he does not have what it takes to be a starter in this league.

When you trade for another team’s second stringer, what you get is a back-up QB

The defence is pretty strong even with injuries, the O line is much improved and provided good protection the last 2 games, special teams are okay, receivers are getting open and Holmes has been running the ball well. They actually look like a pretty good team except for one position.

We all know Maas can't throw effectively but even the hand offs have looked awkward and slow too often. If this is all due to injury then rest him.

We need, and are entitled to watching a healthy quarterback in there.

NO! Maas has had the benefit of being the starter 12 games this year!

A bad system is a bad system nomatter how many games you start in it.

I think Eakin and Williams both need to get 1 start before this season ends... but i dont think its fair to let Eakin off the hook for playing awful but not Maas.

Who is letting Eakin off the hook for a bad game??? He had help, just like Maas had help with the bad games. Maas has just been a total let-down, for whatever reason. We are at a point now where another start by Maas is just foolish. Give the rest of the season to Eakin and then Williams if he isn’t producing! Maas needs to heal…mentally and physically. Check him out in the spring…try him then or trade him off. Too late to do anything with him now!

Williams is good, actually, really good. Saw him in Regina. Saw Eakin too. Let's see, 2 possesions and two turn overs, last one being probably the best throw I've ever seen him make, too bad there wasn't a Ti-Cat player within 20 yards of the ball. I imagine he's probably real good when there is no pressure on him but he sure can stink up a place when there is. Worst QB I've ever seen. I'd be giving im his walking papers. He hasn't done squat this year except to hand it to the other team...yeah, impressive, if your on the other team. What my key point is, is that I'd really like to see what Williams can do. I think there's a real QB there if they'd just give him the opportunity. I'd like to see Eakin start as well so I could see the game with the highest score and the most turn overs ever played....and it most certainly wouldn't be in favour of Hamilton. Eakin is drift wood and Maas is trigger shy, let's see what Williams has.

For the record, Eakins performance this year so far is a dismal 49 attempts, 19 completed, basically an outstanding 40%, for a whopping 198 yrds, with 7 interceptions.....that's approx 14% interceptions. That's pretty bad.

Williams is 16 attempts with 10 completed and NO interceptions.

I'd much rather have Williams in there. Your call

Listen,Im as unimpressed with him as everyone else so far, but Ive seen this happen several times in the past....we give up on a QB and then he goes elsewhere and becomes a winner under SUPERIOR coaching. For instance , Anthony Calvillo,Tom Clements(Harold Ballard quote - " Get rid of him ! He cant throw more than 5 yards! "-Grey Cup winner in Wpg. next season ) and Damon Allen. In EACH and EVERY case,they left town because they COULDNT THROW EFFECTIVELY.Well, the truth is you cant throw a pass when your sittin on your grass.ALL 3 played behind WRETCHED O-lines ( Dieter Brock came over
from Winnipeg and suffered the same fate as Clements behind the SAME line)yet all three excelled elsewhere behind ( in EACH and EVERY case) GREY CUP caliber O-lines.
In Jasons defence, the O-line ,until Coach Sal got it,was I believe the ABSOLUTE WORST I have ever seen in 50 yrs of football....which is obviously about Coaching,or the previous TOTAL LACK thereof.Maas became Gun-Shy as a result,not to mention INJURED. Also,do not forget the HIGH REGARD with which Maas came to town.He had EARNED that respect in the league through his PERFORMANCE ( EDM.- with GREY CUP caliber Coaching,GREY CUP caliber O-line).How did things change so radically? DO NOT DISREGARD these factors. Also, I do not believe we are seeing a HEALTHY QB.Maas never threw (?) passes in EDM. like hes doing now - Gees, hed have difficulty hitting an elephant in the a-- with a bulldozer! He did have the benefit of GREY CUP caliber RECEIVERS in EDM.- (speed,great hands,great routes ) NONE of which hes got here.
Lest this sound like a dialogue of excuses for Maas ,remember ALL the above
are ESSENTIAL for a QB( and therefore ,the Team) to be successful. The more you eliminate, the LESS successful he/the team will be. You cant make CHICKEN SALAD out of CHICKEN S---. Finally,a great suggestion was put forth by Danno53 earlier - get a QB coach for the balance of the season ( AUSTIN) to help him ! When goalies in hockey "lose their angles"( Maas has got the football equivalent) they get instant help - so why not the MOST IMPORTANT guy on a football team ? Are we all such bad appraisers of football talent,so unknowledgable, to have mis-judged Maas ability so badly , or has someone thrown a monkey wrench in the works?
Yes,Jasons performance has to improve GREATLY...but so do several other facets of this team, all of which will directly effect the QBs performance.

re .ALL 3 played behind WRETCHED O-lines ---- it is true that the ticats havent been the same since Carl Coulter retired, AND the team was 1/17 the year he went to ottawa as a free agent, if i recall,

re - . You can`t make CHICKEN SALAD out of CHICKEN S---. ya , or you cant make peanut butter out of dog .... :lol:

maas is a great QB but way over rated from the begining of the season!!the shorts pass arn't working try going vertical for a change take a chance no harm in it right!!!! We have nothing to lose at this point!!!! Thought with him callin his own plays would boost his confidence but didnt!!!! GO VERTICAL FOR A CHANGE!!!!! and keep at it keep running the ball as well!!!Keep corey as a starter our offence has been great since corey's been starting!!!!!