Maas is named starter ??

How bad do we have to do before Chang gets the start he is steping up to be a leader but the start should go to Maas acordding to CH NEWS come on boys smarten up before TIMMY WALKS and leaves us rebuilding once agian.

Actually, this is a good game to let Maas start because, at this point in time, if he can't engineer a win agains the Als, he likely can't beat anyone.
I really don't think Jason is the entire problem. I believe our offensive line is terrible and our pass receivers aren't playing on the same page as the quarterback.
If Maas can't lead the team to victory against the Als and assuming everyone else is playing according to the Charlie Taaffe handbook, he should be benched or cut.
Apparently, Jason has (once again) looked good all week at practice, but we've seen this before, so lets see once and for all, if he can perform under fire.

On the other hand, I'm still not convinced that Chang isn't going to start this game.

Oh now it's the offensive line. Sure. What's the excuse next week?

Ahh, lets see. . . .Next week, I think I'll go with fans like you.

I have always thought the Jason was and still is a good QB, but I could not of said it better than Rocky123 we have to know once and for all and this is the perfect game.

Chalk up our third loss boys! Maas couldn't hit air if he tried. This guy is done, he might have been a good backup at one point in his career, but he is past his prime and will continue to falter as time continues. A forever hurt shoulder and a lack of confidence will end his career, he should go back to the role of backup, give the young guns a shot. Maas is NOT the man.



Is it so dificult to grasp that one person cannot win nor lose a football game?

I understand your thought David, but without a QB could you win the game? No, of course not. So, when Maas starts, we are without a QB, could we win the game? No, of course not. I know that there are a lot of problems with this team, but you have to start from the "Top" and work your way down. Chang should be starting, not the QB that couldn't.



Is it so dificult to grasp that one person cannot win nor lose a football game?

Apparently for the kids around here...

It seems to be quite hard to grasp for most yes :slight_smile:

0-3 here we come :roll: They should bench Mr Maas after an 0-2 start with the best 2nd string QB we had in many years ready to go.

the Starter will be announced Just before kickoff.

Haha, If you're trying to point out that I don't understand that, you're wrong. I get that one person cannot WIN a football game, that's a team effort. I also get that our team is extremely weak in most aspects, however Maas is the "weakest-link" and should be given the "you are the weakest-link, good-bye" motto. On Defense, Shaw was our weakest-link, he was let go, why not just bench Maas? I'm not saying release the guy, he can backup, but when you have a 25-year old Gunslinger sitting on the bench when he could be getting experience, something is wrong. I don't expect wins at all this season, regardless of who is starting at QB. I expect effort, something the team refuses to give when Maas is under center. I expect ball-movement, something that doesn't happen when Maas is under center. I expect the QB to keep the defense honest, which again doesn't happen when Maas is under center.

The o line is not giving any of the QB's enough time to throw the ball. Either the line has to get better or the coaches have to adjust the play calling with some screens or quick slants to back off the defence. If it is anyone's opinion that Maas is completely to blame they show their complete lack of knowledge and understanding of the game!

Nobody has said Maas is completely to blame. I have only stated what I thought to be the obvious, in that Maas has been the weakest part of our offense. The line hasn't faired much better, and the receivers don't seem to want to kick it into full gear (that is assuming they do have that extra gear). Chang was able to accomplish things Maas wasn't though. Sure Chang made some mistakes, but he's young and learning. What excuse does Maas have? He hurt his shoulder? That's a sign that he's getting old, and can't be a full-time player anymore. Right Damon?

Your so right BC !!! I sit at the games all the time and listen to the fans booh Maas and before him Danny Mac . Capable QBs on other teams nothing to prove to anybody, yet when they play here they play with ZERO talent at the reciever position for YEARS now!!!

The fans still booh them not the management, who cant seem to find another Winfield , Flutie , Champion or a anther Rocky Dipietro sp? You cant make chicken salad out of you know what , why cant some of the Hamilton fans figure this out ???

Watch the other games tonight on TSN and watch how they catch balls in traffic and balls that may be high or low and how the guys like Stegall seem to get open on second and long . We dont have this and we havent since Flutie retired !!! Look around tomorrow at the game and watch Cahoon play football .

We'll see how short the leash is this week.

Prediction: a scoreless first quarter, Maas is going to be hooked.

The minute Chang is able to pull a game out of the fire, he will start from then on.

Tick, tick, tick... :wink:

I have no problem with Chang , its just hes not ready to start . He runs around after the snap because he is confused , hes a rookie and there is alot of coverages hes not used to especially with the extra man on the field .

Ive seen it so many times in my years watching CFL football . They run around and look like they are acomplishing something but they end up throwing the ball up and trying to hit a guy who is double or triple covered . Chang is gonna be good i think , just not yet .

"He runs around after the snap because he is confused"

Yes, he is confused as to why there are 5 guys chasing his ass down when his O-Line should be blocking. He knows not to take a sack and to throw it away. Which is much more than our starting QB knows.

"Hut, oh man, o-line isn't blocking again. Hey mr. football...who's a good football? you are"
Crunch....Maas is sacked for the 11th time folks. It seems to be knocking his brain around.

Taffe from the sidelines: No it's not, this is Maas all the time. We put him out there for our entertainment only.

So do you think it`s any different when Mass is in the game ???

Miller tell me one reciever on our team who would play for another team in this league ??