Maas Is In For Mtl.!

First play handoff (penalty with re-do on the first down), second play a pass skip off the ground...

The TSN crew says that Hamilton 'gave up on Maas'... then a pick for Edmonton as Jason locks in on the receiver and tells the 'D'.

All night they've been saying how hard Jason has been working. I agree that he's a hard worker but I think that he needs to learn to relax somehow. There's such a thing as 'too intense' it seems.

he has picked up where he left off here. He sucks.

Moving them well now.... 4 straight passes

Total Garbage time. This means nothing.

there were alot of excuses for this year..offense, receivers, coach, complicated playbook, blah blah, well last year he had a different coach, different plays, different receivers, different everything and he still couldnt get it done.
He was injured you say? Well then if he was too injured to perform he should have taken himself out, I'm sorry but if you play, you should get judged for how you played.

Maybe he'll have success in montreal, maybe not. But he had more than enough time to prove himself in Hamilton.

Same old wobbly passes...

Maas didn't look too bad. If he didn't throw the pick, he would have actually looked pretty good. Yes it was garbage time etc. but he looked ok considering he has only been with the team a few weeks...

I think you’re right.