Maas is back :)

Before you all jump on me and either say I told you so or it's only 2 games, well i'll be the first to admit that i've been on him this year while he has rightfully deserved it, I think it's time for us all to now agknowledge the fact that he has played well the last 2 games and especially tonight 0 interceptions in 2 games almost 400 yards today, Perhaps the injury was affecting him more than we originally thought, and now he says he's healthy and having more fun i cant do anything but believe him and think that Maas is back to his old self having fun and in good condition, so for the 1st time this year Kudos to maas and the whole offence, id also like to give props to the rest of the offence, the O-line looks solid better than our supposed starters, our running game is back, and our recievers are going for the ball and seem to be trying for Maas more, once again i cant wait till next year, but b4 next year again Good job Ticats and kepe up the good work! Oskee wee wee

P.S. 4 Pts out from the falling apart Bombers :wink:

Very impressive outing for Maas. Glad to see him back to form. Great job Jason.

A big factor tonight was the play of the offensive line. The fact the playbook is geared now to get the ball deep or intermediate depth on a more regular basis is opening up the shorter routes and allowing for screens like Lumsden's late in the game to have great effect.

I am confident a Charlie Taaffe-quality OC/HC will install a system in 2007 that will fit our personnel. Maas certainly looks a heck of a lot more comfortable now than at any time this season. I know it was beating the Esks, but there is room to be optimistic about the remainder of the season.

Oski Wee Wee,

Maas now gets to spend some time with his family in ED. Much better after you beat their team. :thup: :smiley:

ohh. .so the get the fuck outta Hamilton Mass threads are over??

Enjoy the Family Time Jason..
After the pass two games You Deserve it

I didn’t see the game but a last second field goal still doesn’t convince me that Maas is any good…were his balls still lobbed up in the air? and did the recievers have to come back to the ball?

Maas Had good Stuff Tonight
Peterson Play his Best Game of the season..

So if you didn't see the game how can you still be not convinced???... here let me help you.. Mass was throwing spirals all night long.. he and the offense moved tha ball.. ate the clock.. and get this... WON the fucking game in the last minute does THAT convince you??

I'll hold off on my comments about Maas for a couple more games...... but I think I understand his situation a little better now.
Maybe we need to play ALL of our games in Edmonton for him to finally click! :stuck_out_tongue:

maas looked real good this past 2 games...if his recievers ( ralph and peterson ) make the catches they are supposed to, mass has 2 TD passes right there....but his decision making is good and his passes look tight again.

but the main thing: the ticat DEFENCE has looked real good the last 3 games.

cody, and that new guy, #29, have looked good....theres alott of jump in the d's step, and they are racing to make INTs and swat balls...before they'd just let the catch be made then go for a tackle...not no more!

Maas was very impressive last night. Unfortunately we still have trouble scoring touchdowns in the red zone, but we're getting better. (It couldn't be worse than earlier in the year could it?!)

I liked that we were running more intermediate routes so when we'd catch the ball we had a first down! Wow, what a concept!

It's time for Jason to move his family to Hamilton, so that he can play "happy" all the time.

Maas is throwing the ball with much more zip. His balls have been tight (minds out of the gutter) and he is not under-throwing receivers like he had been...when he was obviously hurt.

His "touch" on the endzone throw to Ralph was fantastic...and ol' Ralphy boy drops another one.

His stats were excellent (considering the dropped balls and pattern quitters...Kamau).

Good things are happening and the future looks bright. 8)

Now let's get the ball to Flick and Vaughn a bit more.

Well done Jason

You came out with a great game in all areas.

Too bad the receivers let you down a few times or we would have couple more majors.

The most positive thing is you all as players showed us what this team is capable of.

Have not seen that since pre season against the boatmen.


Throwing with authority last night. Had something to prove back in his old Stadium.

I'm still not convinced because I did see the edmonton game here in hamilton and his arm still did not look right, I didn't see the game in edmonton but he can't just change from being awful to great in one week...come on, there were playing the eskimos, there are just as bad as we are...there is nothing to gloat about when you only throw one touchdown and win the game on a last second field goal...these past two games were not gut check time...the next game against BC will show really how much Maas is improving and how much the whole team is improving...therefore I will hold off my critism of Maas until he proves his arm is better and we beat a winning team. ie. BC

He never left we just go rid of all the baggage he was forced to carry.

Not at all. I am even more upset at Maas after he said all season long he wasn't hurt and NOW he says he was. What a lying piece of work he is. His selfish attitude cost us the season IMO.

Here I was hoping to see 20 Eakin arm punts I could have watched instead...but I digress! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Between CBC, TSN, and Sportsnet leaking and speculating, I figured Maas was playing hurt months ago. This surprises people?

The fact that football teams don't call press conferences to announce nagging "lower body injuries" to their QB a la Pat Quinn fielding scribe questions during Leaf playoff runs is because you really don't want the other team to lock and load on those injuries to aggravate them through hits. Hence the dissimulation.

The Mr. Honesty "Hit me, I'm crippled" set probably would best be summarized by watching old Joe Namath footage circa 1975. That is the brutal reality of football. When everybody of adult age in the stands has a clue about what ails you, imagine what a defensive end must think...

I am sure Jason is feeling better. I am sure that Ron Lancaster, knowing more about his condition than you -- for say
ten weeks -- feels the same way.

Oski Wee Wee,