Jason Maas STINKS!! Any QB that takes a sack rather than throw the ball away and costs your team yardage has something certainly wrong with his play calling.

I said it before as a Cat fan I would rather see the Ti-Cats play Timmy Chang make him the number one guy and I will live with the growing pains but watching Maas now for a year in and a half is way too much growing pains to put up with, Charlie Taffe has only seen Maas in five games now, as fans we have had to watch way, way too long.

On the re-match against Winnipeg, play Timmy Chang at least the guy has better odds of scoring a TD for us, because MAAS STINKS!!!!

well said!

I said it back when the Cats traded for Maas, we traded for a back up QB at best, well folks, he still is a back up at best, because Timmy can certainly play and call a better game than Jason can and not lose us yards by keeping the ball on a QB sack.

Give Timmy Chang the game ball against Winterpeg the guy deserves to play and let Maas warm up the bench for a few games.


hey Leo ,
was it all that nessesary to fill up all that real estate by not only quoting him but to add nothing to a post that has been said a thousand times before.
You're the first to respond.
What else could you be responding to ?

Just wondering.

66% for 341 yards.

Very solid numbers. He's improving still.

Ya know what's so friggen funny about you whiners... there is NO pleasing you, IF Maas had of thrown the ball and it was picked off.. you'd be right here posting how much of a moron he is for THROWING the ball instead of just going down and taking tha sack.

If it's so simple WHY are you HERE and not on the football field DOING it???????????

You know whats pathetic. Maas supporters are willing to accept losing both now and in the future

keep blaming it solely on the qb. this is what is pathetic and it's getting old.

Tonight it was soley the QB asit was last week. Games1 and 2 not so much. The one constant is that Maas gives us no chance to wineven if the team plays well. You not understanding that is getting old

did nobody notice that Maas was rushed on every down and Glenn wasn't?

nobody ?????

If it's so simple WHY are you HERE and not on the football field DOING it???????????

First off because I am in a WHEELCHAIR and physically challanged, however that is no excuse, because even in a chair I could still out gun Jason Maas any day, at least I would hit the end zone. But get real guy, Jason Maas is a paid athlete, a so called professional QB who is supposed to be a leader on the and off the feild, I haven't seen any of this from Jason Maas, I saw this from Danny Mac, our best QB since Bernie Falony. However Jason is a hired gun and his gun is still in his holster, it's time to bring in the new gun in town, Timmy Chang who will prove to lovers of Jason Maas like yourself that Timmy is the best GUN IN TIGER-TOWN, NUFF SAID, go back to kissing your Maas poster good night!! Chang eat em Raw!!!!!

I think Maas' biggest problems are that he telegraphs his passes, he throws a lot of balls behind receivers and he tends to hang our receivers out to dry too much. They made some tough catches tonight and got drilled.


Last time I listened to a broken record, I threw it out.

Improving? What do you mean "improving"? He's supposed to be a number one guy! He's suppose to be at the top of his game, not improving. If we wanted improvement, then start Chang.

IF you even KNEW what you were talking about.... I have SEEN Maas improve the last 2 games.. BEFORE that I was all for starting Chang so stfu quit your whining and GET OVER IT!!

Its only a broken record because nothing has changed.

disagree a lot has changed since gm 1 and 2 and things will progress just as they have.
i'm saying as a team we've found ways to lose and yes maas too has to own up to his part of it.
but to put the sole blame on him for this is absolutely bull.

You're right, Charlie Taaffe doesn't know anything about developing a quarterback.

Let's throw Timmy in there, retard his development so we can run him out of town and ship him to another team where he can be successful like so many other quarterbacks in the past. One of which just passed for 50,000 yards.


Relax Chang supporters, Maas is just keeping the seat warm. Timmy's time isn't now. Have faith in Charlie and the coaching staff. You have to have some confidence in Coach Taaffe, if Maas is so bad, how did Charlie's offense allowed him to pass for 341 yards?

  • paul

What is Stfu mean??? Anyway it's obvious that you love Jason Maas and as a fan you are willing to back the guy up after each loss this year, however as a long time fan and supporter I would rather see our team going in the right direction forward and give Timmy Chang the ball next game. Maas has had a long time to prove himself to the Cat faithful and he is now dogging it, you can say whatever you wish to draw support for Jason Maas but I'm not seeing any TD's in the Red Zone again this season. Coach Taffe (make the change to CHANG!!!!!

No lets start Chang. There is nothing to learn from watching an abject failure