Maas is a fierce competitor.......but

Jason Maas is such a fierce competitor out on the field and probably would have made a dynamite linebacker. He's certainly trying to do the best he can do out there. Having said that, I've noticed one common downfall in every game that's hindering his performance. The problem seems to be his ability to throw the ball down the field deep, with any authority. All his long passes seem to be 50/50 balls.
Although he played with a lot of guts last night, he still was fortunate that he wasn't picked of two or three more times.
Both of our backup qb's have much stronger arms and can throw deep with some zip on the ball.
I got to believe that Maas will not recover fully from his past injury.

Your right,he does play with a lot of intensity but the true fact is he doesn`t have the arm and the ability to make things happen. I give him kudos for his heart. But if we had a solid quarterback. we would at least be 2-2. I think the time has come to give Chang a try

i guess that if chang had played/started the last 2 games we wouldnt have all the penalties that took us out of scoring position 4 times against montreal, a possible 12 points lost by nine we wouldnt have all the drop passes recievers running the wrong routes not coming back to the ball, not picking up blitzes. if thats the case theres something else wrong with this team so how can everyone say we would be 2-2 with chang.

Sure there were a lot of mistakes against Montreal and B.C.

but in the B.C game Maas was ineffective in the red zone. Im not saying they should have scored a td everytime. but they should have put a couple of tds up on the scoreboard. And some of those penalties against Hamilton in the b.c game were B.S.

Although I think Timmy Chang has great long term potential, his overall stats are actually worse than Maas. He seems to mesmorize defenses on his first series and, then after that, they adjust and shut him down.

Fully agree with 1tccat, there are lot more problems here that just the QB's. BTW, that dosen't include Richie Williams, a proven professional clipboard holder from last year's disaster of a team, if only Marcel the Parcel could keep anybody he manages like Rocky Butler, Richard Alston and now Sam Young with Winnipeg!

Seems to me that Maas isn't throwing the ball soon enough. He waits a tad too long and the receivers either run out of field or are past Maas' maximum throwing distance. It's weird.

His late deliveries make the receivers run past the point at which the ball should have met them, resulting in what appears to be underthrows as the defenders have caught up to the play in that time

take a look and see how Ricky Ray throws deep balls-very similar to Maas

Jason just doesn't seem to have any confidence throwing deep. I'm thinking it's due to the fact that he has no velocity on the ball. Because of his injury he's lost arm strength and it is obvious when he tries to throw deep.

You guys are just to much , lol , they play the best team in the CFL on a very short week in a different time zone. Lose by a measley 4 points and you think a rookie with about 1 1/2 quarters under his belt would of won the bloody game ????

Do you watch the BC recievers catch the balls behind them and in tight coverage ? That`s what makes QBs look good , and it aint happening very oftem in Hamilton , and until it does we aint gonna win many games .

Maas played like a pro and our offence coordinator is calling a better game each time out now . I love our play calling and it caught BC of guard the whole second half . I think the next 2 games will be our breakout games this season . Just watch !!!

hard to argue with habman on this one.

Case in point, the throw to Gardner in the end zone in the first quarter (that some people are saying should have been interference on BC, I didn't think so.)
Geroy Simon, Jason Tucker, and Milt Stegall fight through the coverage and make that catch.
Gardner needs to learn to be the guy who makes that catch.
Same thing on Maas' interception.

the team is starting to round into form (incl maas).
the oline like i said would gain chemistry and then the receivers will start making their reads properly and working as a unit. i'm still waiting for the last one but i'm glad we are sticking with maas because with a solid running game everything will improve and it will show how effective jason will be keeping defences honest.
good thing we don't have to listen to as much maas' bashing now. maybe some fans actually are starting to see the potential and were the corrections are needed. where before all they had for an argument was to toast the qb. id still like to see some platooning with chang and mess up the defences even more.

have to agree habman. but i still think there is something wrong with maas, but he has shown improvement in the last game.

receivers still can't run a route or get seperation like the better receivers usually do. definitely need to win the one on one battles to rise above their current state of mediocrity.

Yeah, you are right.

Chang has to be part of the mix. So does Maas. Yes, Chang "mesmorizes defences for the first series," that's why you want him to have one series at least during games.

If that's calling for a tandem, I'll calling for one.

Oski Wee Wee,

I'll calling for one, too. :slight_smile:

Only problem with all this 'pie in the sky' analysis is BC is now 4-0 with their player issues and we are 0-4 with all of ours.

However, we are, also, counting down quickly to a CFL record of 0-18 particularly if we are successful in losing both games coming up to Winnipeg.

Oh well, at least we could get some real notoriety for yet another miserable season in the making. Something special to tell our grandkids!

Go! Cats! Go! Oskiweewee Forever!