Maas Interview On CHML

I think it was the second question that was about his wife. Can anyone remember another professional athlete whose spouse was so prominent in their career?

Mom and Dad Lindros don't count.

Mike Tyson's wife.

travis henry and his nine baby mamas.

Chris Pronger and his wife wanting out of Edmonton and the same happening last season in Boston with Brad Stuarts wife crying a river over having to live in Boston.

It probably happens a whole lot more than fans ever hear about.

An Argo-Cat fan

All good examples, but in fairness, I think they come up once for a specific issue(ex: Pronger). With Maas, it seems you can't talk about his career at all without bringing up his wife. It just seems weird to me, that's all.

Well…at least in the CFL she probably has to hold a job…those other examples (Pronger and Stuart)…I’d tell them to hit the bricks.

Nothing like marrying a pro athlete, reaping the rewards of millions of dollars for doing nothing, then bellyaching about what city to live in…geez–what more do ya want?

Most wives, including mine, basically call the shots as to where they want to live. And it's not a money issue really, certainly not in totality anyways.

former Raptor Doug Christie. I think the most compairable to Maas.

I've honnestly never heard a peep about Maas' wife until this thread....

did she publicly say she wanted out of Hamilton or something ?

Another example, although this could be contested, is that Wayne gretzky wanted out of Edmonton b/c the wife wanted to go to hollywood to pursue acting.....

it makes them look like stuck up soiled princesses but if you're married you're thinking in terms of 'us' and not 'me' anymore...that's a luxury of being the best at what you do, you can choose to do it wherever u want...I got the impression that Pronger's wife didn't like the celebrity status that came with being a hockey star in Edmonton.

I remember reading an article in the edmonton journal with interviews frmm other Oiler wives (Peca,Smith,Pisani) and they would give stories about people breaking into their houses, stalking them, and groupies giving phone numbers out, right in front of the wives and children and thinking nothing of it......that simply isn't there in Anaheim and wasn't there in St.Louis.

Would you argue that being close to their/her family is a major consideration ? I have a friend of a friend whose father is a world renowned oncologist who works out of sunnybrooke in Toronto. He's told me his dad has received countless offers in the U.S throuought the years but there was one reason they never left......the wife.

I was also at a wedding in the London area, 3 weekends ago and a couple had flown from Chicago, becasue she was a bridesmaid (also a childhood friend of the brides,so i'm presuming she's from the area) and he spent atleast 20 mins asking me about soutern ontario and candian cultire in general (he was American) and he stated because he wants to 'one day relocate here'.....i didn't ask but what i think he meant to say was 'my girlfriend wants to come back home'.......

Gosh, then you haven't been paying attention. Seriously, it seems the media can't talk to Maas without a question about his wife thrown into the mix.

Ex: Ken Peters, Hamilton Spectator, Sunday, July 8, 2007

Peters: "So Jason, you and the TiCats just lost the home opener to the blue team by a score of 30 to 5, you got pulled for a rookie back-up, obviously nothing worked offensively, your passes still look like lame ducks, the crowd left at half-time, and word out of the locker room is that Stripes is petitioning for your job. So anyway, how's the wife?"

Troy Glaus got an extra $200,000 for his wife to buy some horses.
Kurt Warners wife was always getting face time when he QB'd St. Louis.
Antonio Davis of the Raptors had his career ended by his wifes doings.
John Daley's wife gives him some trouble.

I had never heard of anything from Mrs Maas.
I just knew she lived in Edmonton and Jason lived in Brock Ralph's basement.

His wife isn't a problem. I don't know where that's coming from. He does consult his wife and daughter for that matter and from the sounds of it is a great family man.

It must be tough to have to live so far away from your family for 8 months of the year. Especially if you are a true family man. His situation is difficult becuase his wife owns a business in ALberta so relocation of her is not possible. Ans Maas also stated that he didn;t want to uproot his daughter.

In the end, a family is a family, rich or not, spoiled or not. And in a family, both partners have a say in where the family lives. How much money one person makes has nothing to do with it. If anything, it's the hockey wife who should decide finally. The player barely spends any time in his city of choice. He's too busy preparing for games or playing on the road. It's all very well for him to pick the city, but it's his family that has to live with that decision.

8) As far a Janet Gretzky wanting to move to Hollywood to pursue her acting career, the move sure didn't help her at all, that's for sure !!!!

Rumour has it that Prongers wife wanted out of Edmonton for one reason !! That her loving husband had impregnated some young Edmonton Oiler groupie !!!

As far as Maas is concerned, he should have realized the consequences of being a professional athlete before he became one !!! If he and his wife thought that his whole career would be spent in Edmonton, then they are living in a dream world !!! Trades and relocation are all part of being a pro athlete, and if you can't accept that fact, then it is time to get out of that line of work !!!!!

A few years after he retired from the 76ers, I had lunch with Julius Irving at a business conference near Philadelphia. Small talk about how I liked the area, how much he liked Toronto, etc. I told him I'd had an opportunity to relocate to Philly but my wife killed the deal. He laughed and said if he'd ever tried to leave Philly, his wife Turquoise would have killed him. She owned a few franchise stores in town and she wasn't going anywhere.

If the mighty Julius Irving couldn't live and play wherever he wanted, I'm not holding it against any athlete. :slight_smile:

Tipper said

As far as Maas is concerned,

he should have realized the consequences of
being a professional athlete before he became one !!!

If he and his wife thought that

his whole career would be spent in Edmonton,
then they are living in a dream world !!!

Trades and relocation are all
part of being a pro athlete,

and if you can't accept that fact,
then it is time to get out of
that line of work !!!!!

I can see by your nickame, Tipper, that
you are blessed with such inside knowledge. :rockin:

The rest of us have to get involved
in whatever job we end up in doing

to get a true understanding of
what that life is actually like. :frowning:

Jason Maas said repeatedly how important his wife, his family, and his home life were. This was a constant theme. Last year the only two really decent games he played were here against Edmonton (his wife flew in for the week) and against Edmonton where he was happy to be home with his family for the week.
I don't know what a ladie's dress shop makes, but I doubt it was $300,000. per year. Jason more than doubled his salary in moving to Hamilton. Any spouse, male or female, that sees that kind of raise and doesn't want to do everything they can to accomodate their spouse, including relocating (my God, it even happens in the real world, not just the fantasy realm of sport) is not really being a supportive spouse. Who knows what Jason might have done if he could have been home in his own bed every night.