Maas In Montreal - Deal is Done!

Just off the wires...Jason Maas has caught an early morning flight to Montreal and is off to Montreal! Read it on TSN.

Trouble brewing for Montreal if this is Calvillo's last year!

at least maas gets to go into a winning program and help produce.

I'm really disappointed. I didn't think Maas was the problem, but I know how football works.. if you don't score points, the QB is usually the guy who gets blamed. I understand the Printers signing.

What I don't understand is trading Maas away to a team that really NEEDS a QB with Calvillo being hurt and NOT getting something we need back in return. Why a 3rd-string fullback?? Why not a desperately needed O-lineman??

Come on Marcel.. you can do better than this (I hope)

I'm with you Tigeronimus, why didn't we get back something we really needed??? Now, I know that a big part of this is we are lucky to get rid of his salary, however, MTL really needed a QB and apparently at least one other team expressed interest, so what gives?

Come on Marcel.. you can do better than this (I hope)
Either get something for Maas now, or wait till the off-season and cut him. Hopefully this way, Montreal's paying a portion of his salary.

Guys, its a salary dump. Maas is NOT worth 300,000 by any stretch of imagination, thats why we aren't getting 300,000 worth of player from them. It benefits us more just to get rid of him to free up salary space.

Jason Maas will do very well in Montreal surrounded by competent recievers and special teams that dont take stupid penalties to put him in poor field position all the time !!!!

If that's all it took, I would have loved him in Toronto,

The reason Marcel didn't get something more in a trade is because he couldn't. If he could have, he would have. I imagine he asked for more, whether from Montreal or any other team interested, and was refused. Marcel basically had three options:

1 take the best deal available to him in a trade

2 cut Jason Maas and get nothing

3 keep Jason Maas in Hamilton and have an expensive, unhappy player on the team.

The other teams he was dealing with all knew this, and negotiated accordingly. I think Marcel did the right thing. He has been a very good General Manager so far in his time in Hamilton in my view, and this QB switch is a good illustration of that.

By the way, I wish Jason nothing but success in Montreal.

Dont feel sorry for Maas with the Als this could be his big break. Now in Hog Town thats another story. :lol:

With Maas and the ALs they could beat Ham right now.

We basically did get nothing for him. If this was Montreal's best offer, we should've refused.

Give them 2 weeks with Marcus Brady at the helm to think about it. Then they'd come back with a real offer.

Don't want to stir the pot too much, but maybe we should be feeling sorry for Printers.

You mean to tell me he couldn't even get a draft pick, from next years College Draft?
This is usual compensation. If a Team does not want to part with any players, or upset the Canadian/American ratio, a Draft pick is often the carrot stick....

HMMMMM - The Eagle :oops: :oops: :oops:

I think Marcel and his helpers did a lot of high fiving after that deal. Unless of course they are paying part of Maas's salary.
But if they got Popp to take the $150,000 (?) left on Jason's contract as well as an unhappy camper for a Canadian kid who runs hard and can play ST, they have to be smiling for ear to ear...of course not in public.

I think the logic was to dump salary. With NFL cuts maybe they'll look to bring in some linemen? I guess we'll wait and see.

Good riddance, Maas.

Hamilton let you play through injury after injury, and gave you even more chances this year to prove you are a starter. We stuck with you when other teams would have cut you in a second. You repaid the organization by leaving in a bitter snit.

Take your bad attitude/lack of gratitude to Montreal and (how do you say "shove it" in French?).

Maas is pissed off and wants do prove everyone wrong.....I would have LOVED him as an Argonaut.

Now trade Julian Radlen to the Argos, you guys don't need him now.