Maas has to be hurt

There is no way he is 100% the way the ball leaves his hand. Every pass has this wobble to it, no spiral and no authority behind it.
Ok hes hurt thats why he has been so lousy. In that case he should take himself out and stop being so selfish

Yes, he is hurting.

It doesn't help that he has eight games or more being told what to do by the departed Paopao, either.

A coherent OLine might help things, too, and we are not there quite yet...find a replacement for Powell, and straighten out Mr Hudson with his sideline arguments...

Maas wasn't playing well when Pao Pao was here and he isn't playing well now.
He's a proven QB in this league and clearly is not playing to his potential, for whatever reason. If he is hurting, as rumour has it, we should be playing Eakin and Williams. Let's stop blaming Pao Pao and the O line for everything. I really think a lot of the players have lost faith in Maas's ability and thus are getting understandably frustrated. :cowboy:

Ya think ????????

geez , you have over a hundred posts , have you not payed attention ... at all?

how did you miss that fact?

Well why cant other parets of the team be blamed also ? Holmes fumbled in scoring position and a bad call by a ref took away at least 10 points , This cant happen when a team is struggling to core points .

what does brightly coloured birds have to do with it?
It's not their fault , it's Maas to blame.
Talking birds ... what else will you guys come up with ?

How does 1 bad call take away 10 points

Holmes fumble was in fg position at least and the interferenace call would of put us at the one . Their is your 10 points !!!!

Maas got hurt in training camp, and the management covered, as they hardly wanted that news heard. Maybe they didn't understand or respect the severity or length of the injury.

We started with a brand new OLine that could not, and did not play together well, and with Jonta Woodward we are just starting out of that hole. We need to either replace or retrain Powell before we can successfully pass or offer an option to run to the right side of the line.

The unprofessional shenanigans between Maas and Hudson witness that we are still in coaching crisis mode. A uge step has been taken in that we now have a GM from the area that has learned football, and we will be re-positioned for coaching in the off season when some good guys come available through end of contracts or repositioning of teams.

Holmes can fumble once or twice, statistically, its going to happen, and as often as he is used, the competition is going to be teeing up on him and be ready for "stripping" opportunities. On the other hand, he's the very best RB you could ask for, and we shouold re-study the idea of how to reinvent an offence with him and Ranek in place, rotating Radlein as the play demands. I'm sorry but I'm a lot more disappointed with Adoo, and if yu want to lose a player, maybe start there...

Likewise Quinnie is showing me nothing in terms of holding onto the ball. Its nice to think of replacing him with Hill, but Hill's not been available even though signed, so he may be damaged goods as well.

Lets hold onto this Defence as best we can because I believe they showed us the heart and soul of the team on Saturday. Holding any CFL club to no touchdowns is something special.

Special teams are otherwise evolving, though it would be good if we could have a returner back there that was somewhere near 100% and could hold onto the ball. On our kicks, the worst we have suffered is 29 yds by Levingston, and he can burn you for a lot more than that, so I'm thinking its satisfactory.

On offence, again, we are a man or two short of a line, but have some reeiver issues and many many discipline issues.

We need an OC, and Lancaster isn't the guy, nor is his son.

In all, we are on the right road, but it plainly will not happen this year, but in 2007, we will really be some factor to contend with.

what makes you think that he didn't arrive in camp much less than 100%?

Surgery did not go as well as thought and we are seeing the results.

I dunno-probably pre-season where he could still hit receivers, scramble and run, before the hapless OLine let him get hit so freaking often...

Did he get a hip pointer in Edmonton?

you caught that as well. got to love those sideline mic guys with the big dishes that pick everything up.

If Maas is so hurt what does that really say what Paopao thought of our other 2 QB's not that it matters much now that he is gone.

A thought is sit Maas play the other 2 guys and throw Maas in off the bench maybe it will spark him, haven't really seen the fire in his eyes he had in Edmonton.

Actually Geoffrey. Most Maas posts have been saying how he sucks. Thats all that is being said. Also nobody believes he's hurt. Watching the last few games it has become real obvious the way he throws there is somthing wrong. No way any professional QB throws that bad.

I and others have been saying for weeks and weeks HERE that he has a shoulder problem.
This is not news around here.

I heard his ears keep cramping up and it effects how he throws. :wink:

Geoffrey said:

"I'll say it again!!!

Maas has a bad shoulder and cannot throw a deep ball.
The coaches know that.
Why would they put in a corner or post if they know he can't throw it.
Think harder people.
PaoPao would be a fool to do that , don't you think?

Do you really see Ronny aguing about play calls from the sidelines??? He knows the plays coming in.Do you see him calling them off?? Eh???

If PaoPao was soooo bad week after week , Ronny would have done something by now.
Think people.
Something else is up like Maas's arm.
Make sense????"

From August 14 2006

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