Maas has retired

Started an Eskie, finished an Eskie. Back when he was in his prime, he was amazing. Too bad he never really seemed to regain that form. Regardless, he still had a good career and was able to walk away on his terms, what else can you ask for?

That'll do pig, that'll do. :thup:

My sister says that all the time. Must be a Western thing she picked up. :lol:

I was bummed to see him released, but what are you gonna do. Enjoy retirement. :thup:

One of my favourite players the last decade. Enjoy retirement Maas. Hope to see you on the sidelines coaching within a few years.

Yup, he was a gamer but that shoulder was his undoing I think. All the best in the future to him. :thup:

Sorry to see him go too. I really like his style. I hope the Esks find a role in the organization for him. The guy's green and gold through and through.

...given that the esks don't have a quarterback coach and their 2nd and 3rd stringers this year will be veritable rookies in the CFL I think your suggestion rpaege could very well be a reality...

Still remember him coming off the bench to lead the Eskimos to wins in both the semifinal and division final in 2005. Take Maas away and I doubt they win the Grey Cup that year. Not every day that the backup QB is that critical to a team's championship run.

That was an accomplishment in his career of which Jason Maas can be justifiably proud. His shining moment, taking the team on his shoulders and refusing to accept defeat. Sure, his career took a nosedive in Hamilton, but his playoff performance in 2005 coming off the bench was something very special.

And considering the gong show that was Hamilton at that time, Maas was far from being the only reason why the team tanked. By the time he came to Montreal, his arm was gone, and he had little left in the tank, but as you say, he can look back on that 2005 playoff performance with real pride.

That's what I wanted to have happen this season, but then Edmonton released him... Oh well, hopefully he still joins the organization at some point.

I read somewhere this morning (forget where so no link, sorry, but I think it was in the Sun chain newspapers) that Maas will consider getting into coaching, but wants a year off from football first.

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Perhaps this is the article you seen MadJack. Also, I wish Maas all the best in the future.

I still don't like him being released. I think it would've been better if he'd retired while he was still an Eskimo. Oh well. Good luck with the triathlon. :thup: