Maas had a good half. Not a good game.

There are some people on here saying that Maas finally showed up and had a good game.

These people are half right.

Maas had a great first half. Few nice long balls and a TD.

Second half...

Not so much.

At least the INT's weren't there.

PS - Gotta love that punt return!

I think the key is that he never did anything wrong. True he fumbled, but that's not really a mental error or a lack of ability. Considering the second half, a lot of the 2 and outs had a lot of running plays that didn't pan out too well. If Peterson caught that one in the 3rd, maybe the momentum would have made the 2nd half just like the first. Just never really know.

At the end of the day we won... and who knows... now that we have 3 wins and Edmonton has 4... we could possibly not finish in last! :smiley:

As an Esk fan , I don't know how I feel about that one! :wink: But as a Maas fan, I'd like to see you guys sneak past Bombers for a playoff spot!????!

Hey, is Maccocia (spelling?) a little weird with his feelings for Maas or what?

He was good and didnt make mistakes, thats better than being lights out.

Next year's offence has the potential to have Lumsden AND Holmes in it. He wont have to be spectacular.... just good like tonight.

Rusty25: I don't think so. (maciocia) Maas was the starter when Danny got his first break here in Edmonton an OC. Maas has always been a keen studier of the game and developed a lot of schemes with Danny. They ended up having a lot of respect for each other, and I'm not sold that if Danny could have any qb it would be Ricky. I think his hands were tied last year with who his starter was. But as far as it being odd, I don't think so.

After tonight, Jason was removed from Coach Maccioca's Valentines Card list..... :smiley:

Great game by Maas......we got the "W" !!

Sources say that Coach M was seen boarding the Edmonton bus in tears screaming out "How could he?"....He betrayed me!!

Mass had a great first half!!!! Broke down in the second half!!!!But finally got that "W"

The TiCat Team beat Edmonton tonight.

While Jason M executed the game plan well, for one of the first times, so did the rest of the club.

Lets be real.

I just watched the second half again, and I'd say the offense played well in the second half, despite what the stats would say. They seemed to have more control than Esks. All they need is more consistancy rushing instead of one carry for 13, then one for 0.5, then one for 9.5, then a fumble. All in all I think they looked alright.

While I may be attacked, I think Lumsden will improve our running game 10-fold. I'm looking forward to next week.

First, I am with ya on the Lumsden thing. Watch out CFL, he is a powerhouse. I seen him play when he was with Mac, and although I haven't had the pleasure of seeing him live yet, I have watched him on TV and wow!

As for liking Mass too much, whoever you are kudos for believing so much in him. You are right, it wasn't just about Mass last night. It was about the entire team believing in one another. Our special teams and defence aloud Mass to find his groove after a little bit of a slow start, but then he came out shining and had a great game.

Mass is the man! Ya, that Peterson catch would have made a difference in the second half. Those kind of balls need to be caught, and yes, our running game needs to be more consistent.

Flutie was Danny's reciever, is DJ Flick Mass'? What a great connection between those two guys last night.

I think that the injuries to the O-line were the problem in the second half. Maas played a great game.
But take a look at the whole offence. I do not think there was one pass for four yds thrown all night.
A different offensive strategy is starting to pay off.

I love how we judge a good game by Jason Maas not on his spectacular play... but by the fact that this week he didn't find a way to give the game away.


So if we beat Edmonton next week, do you think the Esk's fire Macioca (sp?) after the season and he ends up coaching in Hamilton next season?

Alot of if's...but you never know?

I hope not!

PS - What's our longest losing streak of the season? Because Montreal's 5 game streak of losing has got to be the worst this season.

Looks like we're not that bad! lol

Because Montreal's 5 game streak of losing has got to be the worst this season.
Since Jason Maas clearly betrayed Coach Maccioca last night, Coach M will be on the rebound today......perhaps he can start calling Calvillo now and leave our QB alone... :wink: :D

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OMG!!!! Dude, That's f-ing funny!