Maas, Goss, Smith, Flick, Petersen, Barrenchea .....for zip.

6 starters from last year's team traded.
0 starters received in return for a 2 and 12 team.
Money or mistakes? :x :?

Maas - no longer a starter anywhere. His shoulder may be done

Goss - Wasn't going to play here anyway

Smith - We have a good nucleus of young NI lineman

Flick - Could have kept him, lost the Rocky Butler gamble. We needed to address the QB situation - understandable.

Peterson - lousy last year

Barrenechea - no longer a starter

No big deal. Last year was a lousy team and there was no point in establishing contiuity with that group. Cleaning house was the way to go.

But....for nothing? NOT ONE starter?
That is NOT the way to go.

he asked if it was money or mistakes i think. With it now coming to light that maas had Gavin Walls offered for him and turned down it reeks of money saving. If you want to get better you trade to make your team better. If you want to save money you trade to get backups who dont make any. There is not a sane football person in this organization who could justify not taking gavin walls for maas.

dont worry tommyboy, you will get a bunch of answers all defending the moves. I know one thing, if its true about walls(and if it isnt then they should tell us, so we can ask the reporter) then this team doesnt want to win and until they prove that they do they will not get any more of my money.

when life deals you zip, make zip guns

Goss, Smith and Flick are the only bonafide starters based on last year's performance. No one would have predicted Peterson's stellar performance this year.

Goss was not going to play. Getting a starter for him was not likely.

Maas has essentially been replaced with Printers. As far as Maas' market value for a trade it had to be low. Do you honestly think a team would give up a quality starter for a QB who looks like he may be done?

Smith has essentially been replaced by starters through the draft and Flick, well Butler, at the time, looked like a good deal. Hindsight is 20/20.

Again....we traded 6 starters and received none in return.
By your admission, 4 remain starters on other teams. Teams that are better than us.
0 for 6.......not good enough for A-Rod and not good enough for Marcel.

Again, you r looking at hind sight

Maas is no longer a starter.

Barrenechea is longer a starter

Peterson was terrible last year, starter or not, no one lamented his departure until the 20/20 hindsight kicked in when he started having a good year.

You make it sound as if we gave up superstars.

WHo would you rather have,

Printers or Mass?
Moreno or Barrenechea?

Printers and Moreno are two starters, that IMO are better and more valuable to the Ti-Cats than all six of last year's departed.

No big loss at all. You have to broaden your view to appreciate the changes.

6 "starters" from a team that won HOW MANY GAMES?

What is your point, TommyBoy?

Our team is rebuilding, which means we had to get rid of players with poor attitudes and marginal abilities.

We did that.

We will be better next year, when this year's team has a year of playing together under their belt, and a few key players changes are made via free agency.

We did not trade those 6 for Moreno and Printers....that would be a different story.
We traded them.....again...I will repeat....
A good GM does NOT give starters away for nothing.

So guess marcel has 2 trades in front of him.........maas for either gavin walls. 2time all star, rookie of the year, double digit sacks two years running or..maas for piercy, third string fb who cant even start on a 2-12 team........and he chooses piercy. The league itself needs to investigate this sort of thing cus its not good when one team cant compete.

The GM's of Edmonton and Saskatchewan gave up nothing and received 4 players who are now starters on their teams.
Throw in Justin, Kornegay and Boreham.
Again--nothing given and starters gained.
These teams are better than us.
We lose starters for nothing. They gain them for nothing.
There is the difference.

They were better than us last year when we had Justin, Kornegay and Boreham and they did not.

So what?

"Starters" means nothing, especially when you starting on a crap team.

You want good players, "starters" or not.

Marcel???? Is that you????
Hello Marcel!! :rockin:

"Peterson was terrible last year, starter or not, no one lamented his departure until the 20/20 hindsight kicked in when he started having a good year."

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Peterson's numbers the best last year of our receiving corps?

the point people fail to see and is the question in this post, why? we could get something for them, of course we could but…we dont want anything for them, we just want them gone and nothing back besides minimal salary only.

Listen TommyBoy....your arguing in vain and I'm sure if Marcel could have seen the future then perhaps a few of those trades would not have happened. HOWEVER, those players were no good on OUR team and who says that they would have been any better on OUR team this year? And people like BOREHAM don't count because Id hands down take Setta over Boreham (sorry Boreham girl :wink: )

PS Gavin Walls for Maas...that I cant

probably was but his sin was that he got paid as a starter and we cant have that now!!


Vaughn led the team in receiving stats last year followed by Flick.