Maas for Tucker??

Let's unload Jason Maas back to Edmonton for WR Jason Tucker and possibly another player or draft pick.

Maas has not caught on here in Hamilton after almost a year and half of trying and a likly suitor would be Edmonton since he came from there and has his wife and family in Edmonton. We would get a good deep threat in Jason Tucker, give Timmy Chang and Williams the QB duties and maybe pick up a QB released from the NFL camps in the next month or two.

What do you think?

How much longer can the team keep losing?

What makes you think they would trade Jason Tucker for Jason Maas?

Not all Jason's are of equal talent.

While you’re at it, let’s swap Maccocia for Taafe.

An Argo-Cat fan

Oh God no!
My friend from Edmonton wouldn't be able to stop laughing in my face.

what would be the logic for Edmonton??..they have a quarterback and then they trade their best receiver...ya riiiiight...geesh.. :roll:

I think someone got into the beer fridge at Ivor Wynne, cause he is talkin cooky talk.

Ridiculous as are most trade ideas because they arte so unbalanced. Why would Edmonton give up Tucker?

I'd think it 99.99999999999999999% likely that Tucker will be retiring in Green and Gold attire.

Its sometimes very easy to spot the Maple Leafs fans on here.....just look for the one-sided trade proposals.

What's with these trade ideas?!?!

Hey... why not trade Jason Maas for Ricky Ray and Edmonton's first round pick in '08, '09 and '10? And throw in a bag of footballs for us, too!

What could we possibly envision in trade proposals?
Who would even consider the risk of taking this bag of rusty hammers?
I wonder how many management teams around our league are saying, (behind closed doors, of course)" Too bad about the Hamilton situation,eh? Good it's not US!"
You bet!
Quite an embarrassing situation which we have endured for long?
We have recently moved to Calgary, and I miss going to our games, good luck!
I saw someone posted a remark about Maas being frustrated......that's a gimme.
How about how frustrated we are having to watch his antics after throwing his 5 yarder into double/triple coverage. or better yet...what about his secondary receiver who is open and could have bagged the first down?
Very frustrating!

Actually I was going to say Habs fan. Every team has their simpletons. Be careful about dissing Leafs fans, there are more of us than there are of you in Hamilton

Hey at least it would be a step in the right direction Maas for Tucker. We could even trade the guy for anyone at this point or dump him and his $350,000.00 salary at least I would be interested as a fan in seeing my team move in a positive direction, not you Whinners, who constantly critizise or put down other fans because of their ideas, your a bunch of LOSERS IN LIFE.

I see as a Cat fan many Whinners, Weeners AND Arse Wipe (So Called Cat Fans) but NO WINNERS on this post. I guess the leadership of the Cats is trckling down to some of you Cat Fans out there, who have nothing better to do with your time than be negative and put your fellow fans down because they offer a suggestion. I can see why some people will not attend Ti-Cat games because of the mentality of some fans with an IQ of 0!!! Enough Said!!Ti-Cats RULE, Some Fans Suck!!!!

edmonton would be out of there mind to trade tucker for maas.that ain't gonna happen folks.

Give one good reason Edmonton would make this trade and we can debate that on its merits. You'd fall flat on your face and we'd end up in the same spot but go ahead, I'd enjoy hearing your profound reasoning

trade Maas for a case of Bud!!!!!!!!!!

Ya what he said!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, Edmonton would never do that... only in dream general!

Yeah, Edmonton would never do that... only in dream general!

Do you think that Edmonton would be crazy enough to trade tucker for maas? .. i really doubt it. :frowning: