Maas for Kenton Keith

This is the rumour I heard...............not sure if its true. Jason Maas for Kenton Keith. Heard on Saskatchewan radio and I live close to the border so I heard it on 630 CHED too. I have faith in Corey Holmes to get the job done, but not much in our QB's. So Edmonton fans............would Campbell ever go for this trade???????????????????????????????

Not a chance. It's much easier to find a running back then a QB. I'll take my chances with Mclennon or Bradley. Both are more then capable.

Plus, Eskies offence isn't about the running game, it's about the big plays and Ray dropping the ball in the bucket 30 yards down field.

I like the comment about Ricky Ray "dropping the ball in the bucket." While there is a time for drilling the ball on a line, Ray seems to know when to utilize this bucket stuff better than say McManus here in Hamilton who trys to strong arm the ball all the time. I think this is a technique which qb's both in the CFL and NFL need to work on more.

not a chance this trade goes, no way we trade Maas to a West team, and no way we want Keith..Maas wants to stay here, we want him to stay

Wasn’t that you who said “There’s no way the Eskimos are letting Terry Vaughn leave”… ?

ya…well…no you are!

I would like this trade. Not sure if Hugh would do it though.

I would like this trade. Not sure if Hugh would do it though.

Maas for Keith+Crandell I would like but not just Maas for Keith. I think Crandell is a better QB than Nealon but instead of trading our #2 QB (potential #1), why dont we go pick up Jenkins..... is he on the practice roster yet or has he been released?

We'll have to wait and see what Elvis does with the ball tonight.... Big game! I can't wait.

Hugh likes to keep team players...he likes guys who just "fit" into the organization

Maas isn't going to bring back French, Bailey, and Dominguez. Instead of that deal, why don't we just resign the rest of the season? We lose Keith we are done. Plain and simple. That trade would doom the Roughriders.

The eskimos are happy with their running game.. we dont need kenton keith...after seeing him drop the football twice against the als. who needs him...maas is a team player

Greene dropped the ball KK never really ha s gotten the ball this year :? becasue he has been hurt and when we were ahead or playing good, and since he has been back we have sucked early ( entire game) and have been forced to throw the ball.
Marcel has no catch game plan…screen , sweep , nothing just dumb calls IMO easy to read our O.
Maas is team player but he is NO back -up Greene and Crandall are back-ups so send one of them to Edmonton… KK and either one for Maas makes sense.
As for Hugh I really don’t think he is worried about the Riders as much as he is worried about the Lions…If he gets KK or Homes he has a super running back that can catch …with Ray that is a dangerous combination.

You are happy with McClendon and Joseph, EE? Our running game is non existant. You do know what the term "one dimensional" means don't you? Opposing defences are setting their game plan against us knowing that we can't run the ball, period.

Ricky Ray has played well so far, but you can see every week how defences are becoming tougher and tougher. How many times did he get hit just after the throw last night against BC? They need a running game to keep the defence honest. It opens up the field for recievers and helps the offense with ball control and clock management.

I agree with the comment that some of the problem falls to the Oline. I think it is a bit of a vicious circle. Is the problem not having a back that can hit the hole with some explosiveness or is the problem an Oline that cannot open a hole. Not sure what the answer is to this question, although I am convinced that we don't have a back that can get outside or break the initial tackle to gain some momentum.

The Oline is constantly pass blocking and defenses just continue to put the pressure on. I don't think the Oline is that good to begin with and you can see how they wear down as the game goes on. This also adds to the problem with penalties, especially on the Oline. They start to cheat a little bit to try and gain the advantage as they get tired, jumping offside and holding etc.

I thought before the season started that this would be a problem and that they might waste half the year waiting for these backs to show something. Well, we're almost there now and perhaps the only saving grace for Maciocia in this situation is the light schedule that they have had and the fact that Ray and the recievers have played very well.

I'm actually dissapointed in the fact that they seem to be content to be one dimensional and by the time the dust settles at the end of July they could be sitting at 5 - 4.


Wrong. KK had plenty of chances. He got tackled foolishly trying to run up the gut on most plays and he did indeed fumble twice.

Campbell will only trade Mass if Maas askes to be traded.

Cant see it happening and if it does, its just one more player to come back to haunt us ... :lol:
Although the Riders need a consistant QB more than a Running back ATM.

Keith Would make the Eskies alot stronger. Anyone that says you dont need Running game in Oct-Nov needs to give there head a shake.

well since this post I have seen a few good games by KK ..
I have seen an Edmonton team that can't gain a yard when needed..
Oh I even saw Maas he got a bench penilty for swearing at the did come at a critical tme in the game too....

Maybe Huge should hae traded before the Riders found Crandall and K found the End-Zone.

I still like the Trade KK and Greene ( they are buddies) for Maas and someone else ummm sleepy or grumpy ( they are buddies too)


Hey Eskimos32001, can I start using that snappy comeback????? I love it!