Maas For A FB.. We Need Help On D??

im just curiouse why we didnt trade for a DB or LB... confusion:S:S:S

D? We need help on D? What about a damn O-Line?

no playoff team looking for a backup qb is gonna trade a starting o or d-line.

Except Our Gang, circa 2004-2006. ROTFLMFAO

That was our speed. But no more, hopefully.

This idea that a 5-18 starting QB -- in a context where he was installed as the franchise guy -- is going to be a wondrous bargaining chip given that arm, that level of piled-up self-sabotage through effort-turned-mental-mistake-compounding, and just the sense that if he's not out West that he will stew eventually limits the panoply of choices, I can assure you.

I defend Jason Maas as a straight-up competitor, a guy who is eminently serviceable as a backup QB given a FRESH start in a better situation, and a player who has the human right to want to be closer to his young family. The latter concern can affect the optics of how fans perceive you when the collective rubber of the team is not on the road to a meaningful November, however.

The pitchforking of the man on his way out around here is appalling. I am relieved as a fan that Casey comes in as THE MAN and that this period has run its course.

SMS relief, extra Canadian depth, and possible leverage in packaging a FB with other players or picks to get meaningful personnel to address weaknesses...all and all, I don't think that's too bad.

Throwing Jim Popp a somewhat warped, rolled upon, and spit out Balsam Street bone is perhaps a tip of the cap by the student (Desjardins) to the master for landing the big dog. Whatever.

There may be another shoe to drop after Piercy gets in the fold. Right now I am comfortable with the Maas trade and wish him the best. As a guy I believe that genuinely cares about being successful, maybe relocating to Montreal can rekindle some success on the field for Jason. On a personal level, I can relate to that.

Oski Wee Wee,

According to the fearless coach, the O line played well today.