Maas faces surgery

Like many of have said, Maas may be done and Hamilton needs to find a starter to have a chance at winning. :roll: So now lets hear from the faithful Maas boosters that we were wrong

Bishop, but I guess he's gone to the arena league already.

Here is today's Spec link re. Maas.

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Today's Spec.

[url=] ... 2274690756[/url]

Maas is having arthroscopic surgery on his non-throwing arm

I think this surgery may be just to look at
the inside of a joint to see how it has healed
and clean any debris up if the doctors find any.

It's 2 years since corrective surgery was done
on his non-throwing shoulder it seems healed
since he used his left arm to break his fall
when he fell on some ice recenty.

For the Ken Peters Hamilton Spectator Article click here

ok ill bite. non throwing arm? did you read the article or is this a failed attempt at humour?

The article says "throwing shoulder".....

Now he is playing fast and loose with the word 'coach'

"Working and Rust join a Cat coaching staff

that already includes

special teams coach Dave Easley

and defensive backfield instructor Gregg Butler."

This word gave me the impression that Gregg
is serving an internship after 20 years
of college and pro football coaching.

I don't know about any of you guys, but I feel decieved. I think we were given damaged goods. It just proves how horrible the trade was initially with all the secrecy between Edmonton and us. And we virtually have nothing to show for it. SURGERY throwing arm.
I don't know about you but I hate being decieved.

As Tiger Cat fans, why are we only learning about this surgery after the fact. The article indicates that Maas will be ready to throw on March 1st and that he fell on his surgically scoped shoulder without problem which indicates the procedure was completed some time ago.
Why the big secret? I am sure the TC org. and the other 7 teams in the league were aware especially Sask. prior to the trade.

Your right. It was done in early December in Edmonton.

Is this kind of secrecy going to be the way the team is operated going forward? Are we going to see injury reports described as upper and lower body injuries?
I hope not.

See I have a different take....

Atleast we know something WAS wrong last year and it is being corrected. It is good to hear he is getting it fixed and will be ready to throw by March 1.

Injuries are hidden all the time and should be. When your a player on another team and you know someone has it, you go right for it alittle harder.

My bad, nwo! I misread what the article said.

You're right, the arthroscopic procedure
was done on his throwing shoulder.

The corrective surgery done 2 years ago
was done on his non-throwing shoulder.

The Tiger Cats were well aware of that,
he sat out most of 2005 in Edmonton.


I hope the Cats know what the doctors found out
with the arthroscopic procedure and what was done.

Ken just said it was a relatively minor surgery.

I also thought we were given "damaged goods" with his shoulder. But, when you think about it, having a sore joint in pro sports is something about 80 percent of guys have much of the time anyways and many undergo routine arthroscopic surgery to clean out the joint or take out some loose cartilage. The days of Bobby Orr with 5 inch cuts for cartilage removal are long gone. Repairing a severed ligament or tendon or reconstructive joint surgery is a completely different matter, that really is "damaged goods", or maybe even chronic debilitating tendonitis. I've had 3 knee arthroscopies for torn cartilage and my knees feel better than than they have, almost, not quite, for a long time.

I thought the that the surgery really was more about his biceps tendon. While not a big part of the throwing motion,I heard that it had to be reattached or something, which would explain the lack of strengh in a lot of his throws that came up short last season. I've had both done. The shoulder joint is cause for cncern if true. But the biceps tendon is not really much cause for concern.

Lets not forget who is writing this article

Maybe that's why Jason gradually eased into throwing long balls
when he 'played catch' with Kevin on the sidelines at practice
and he never heaved it as hard as he could, rattlebonejones.

I still hope The other QB have Chance to make Mass a Thing of the past.

Thank you..Finally someone with some sense here!