Maas deal falls through!

Not happy with the deal Jason Maas has simply refused to report to Montreal & the deal has temporarily fallen through

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they think a team can be won by a one man team.
how many one man teams have the cats had in resent months and still it all falls on the shoulders of the quarterback, sorry but this is the cfl. Sorry but the buck stops at the coach but then again he can only do with the players that the general manager gives him.
Maybe time to clean house.

LOL... GREAT first post... but I have to say.. didn't we JUST clean house.. seriously this is a tweak team now, the talent is in place and all that is needed is a bit of tweaking, it will all come together, not in 2007 but in 2008, watch for a big name FA signing to bolster the O as the D gets lots of practice in 07

Ok I'm tired of this " fire everyone " bid in the hammer too but come on you realy believe what you just posted????

This team is in need of one Hell of a tweak!!!!!!

There are sooo many holes to fill its not ever funny.
Glad they got off the wallet for Printers but he alone can't fix this.

Where have you been the past few years???? this is going to be a 10 year plan now!!!!!!!!
08, 09, or 2010 still won't be the Cat's year.......but good luck with that!!!!!

I think Maas will report to the Als after he has a chance to absorb the news. What's he going to do otherwise? Open a flower shop in Hamilton?

Seriously, I think he'll see that his could be a chance to get his career back on track.

An Argo-Cat fan

my honest opinion... I would just suspend him and if they had the power i would be like yah your not playing for any team while your suspended.. So you either go to montreal and player go to montreal and ask for a trade or you don't play in the cfl anymore simple as that... He is the biggest suck i have ever seen...

not one drop back qb in this league (calvillo,ray,glenn) would have any success in the offence we displayed these 1st 9 games.
don't kid yourselves, and why can't we get a decent coordinator?
printers skill will definitely create some big plays but the rest of it is not there and when will we have it?

Jeff Piercey!
Is that all we get for Maas? Why do we need another fullback when we have two outstanding guys in Dickerson and Radlein.

We need Tackles on Offence.
We need another DE
We need CB and HB on Defence.

special teams perhaps, we got rid of his salary in the trade or his was going to get cut anyways and we’d be stuck with the salary.
rads could end up being moved for a dlinemen but i think we are wasting an import roster spot with kori.

we were not exactly dealing from apostion of strengh are we? Frankly what we would like for trading maas and what thelads can get are entirely different.

No playoff team is going to up a good D-lineman, DB or really any position. If you were say Montreal would you give up a good D-lineman for Maas?

No, I wouldn't unless is was absolutely necessary and it isn't if you think Brady or Banks are good enough to win.

In a salary cap world trading a $300,000 salary allows an addition of a $300,000 player.
Who cares what we get back.

Very good point!

yes very good points, im glad the trade is back on and that maas caught a flight.

Where did you hear the trade was back on??

Never mind, searched and found this link
In a salary cap world trading a $300,000 salary allows an addition of a $300,000 player. Who cares what we get back.
I garuntee you this is exactly what happened.